Blu-ray Blues

GamesAreEvil writes "..Blu-ray is simply not worth the money."


This is the view of an individual, not the website on a whole. It's unfortunate that you as readers ask for a personal straight forward opinion, and when given that opinion, lash out. This is just that.. an *opinionated* article.. it's not that hard to understand people

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foo-193602d ago

bluray is like an added bonus for ps3 users

bgrundman3602d ago

It definitely can be considered a system selling feature.

TheTwelve3602d ago

Blu-Ray is not the technological jump like say, black and white to color was.

But once you see Blu-Ray, it just seems ghetto to go back to SD.


Mr_Bun3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

I was wondering when the negative Blu-ray BS stories would come to the surface. We have had a too many positive stories in the past week...Time for the haters to play, I guess

ultimolu3602d ago

I see a pattern here.

Positive bluray article
Positive bluray article
Positive bluray article
Negative bluray article
Positive bluray article
Positive bluray article
Positive bluray article

...and it goes on.

Nineball21123602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Compare this article to this one:

There seems to be some disparity between the two, eh?

Nathaniel_Drake3602d ago

Hmmm..very interesting the article came out a day after Dark Knight release, weren't there negative articles of Blu-ray failing right after they announced it increasing in sales when Iron Man came out, why do people do this when the public knows Blu-ray is increasing and is a better format than DVD, doesn't anyone want innovation anymore?

Anon19743602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Usually that's the price of new DVD's. Sure most new Blu-Ray's go for $32 bucks here, but that's no different than the cost of DVD's when they first came out and I think that turned out just fine. And for me, watching a Blu-Ray in 1080p on a 92" screen from my projector, nothing beats that. It's like a theater, but without the teenagers or sticky floors. teenagers anyway.

Edit: It was just a one day, launch promo. If you missed it, it's probably regular $32 right now. Still, a good sign of things to come.

Danja3602d ago

I was wondering when I was gonna see another Blu Ray is failing article..

Dark Knight sold 100k on day one in the UK alone...

plus at my local best buy they were sold out of both DVD/Blu Ray versions yesterday..

Blu Ray is doing better than DVD was back then....

morganfell3602d ago

Nineball, one article is based in fact while the article leading this thread is nothing more than an uninformed opinion to which the author admits.

solidt123602d ago

Blu-Rays are overpriced at most outlets. I only buy the deals at Target or Amazon. Dark Knight was 24.99 in the store which is ok. I will not pay more than 22.99 for a Blu-Ray normally but this is the Dark Knight Movie we're talking about. When they get to around $15.99 on the average they will sell much better and $39.99 is just out of the question for almost everyone.

Nineball21123602d ago

True... very true.

But that won't stop the spinning the goes on around here.

Blu-ray is doing fantastic and is only going to do better as time goes on.

solidt123602d ago

I will be glad when we start seeing 2160p TV's and Blu-Rays in the future at affordable prices. That is when we will see even a bigger jump.

Like the Westinghouse Quad HD 52" 3840 x 2160

eagle213602d ago

I bought oustanding quality Blu-ray's for $10.49 to $19.99 on amazon yesterday. The DVD counterparts were the same price.

Blu-ray kills DVD in quality. I'll tell you something that is simply not worth the money. A 360 arcade! :)

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3602d ago

For Movie Fans Blu-ray is the Ultimate HD Format out there;)

orakga3602d ago

I just watched BD and I...


yeah? yeah?

Alvadr3602d ago

The difference between bluray and dvd on my HD tv is like night and day.

Dont know what this guy is talking about. Either his settings on his TV are screwed or he doesnt have a HDTV and is using an old tube.

IcarusOne3602d ago

This guy doesn't know what he's talking about. The difference between 480p and 1080p is quite noticeable even to the lamest of layman. The PS3 is hands-down the best blu-ray player on the market (I'm still waiting for the awesome game library). I'm also not one to blow his load over special features, but even putting those aside, blu-ray is a considerably awesome hop forward in home entertainment. Remember, it ain't just the picture: we're getting up to 7.1 channels of theater quality surround sound, something DVD physically can't do.

The better question is this: will Blu-ray be able to last before HD streaming video becomes the norm? AppleTV is sidebar right now, but in a couple years I could see this technology being very pervasive. Plus, with my kickin' subscription to Netflx, for a mere $9/month I can stream HD content to my Xbox, not to mention the plethora of HD content downloads on both XBL and, to a lesser-extent, PSN.

solidsnakus3602d ago

decide for yourself, bluray is in 1080p so if you dont have a 40" 1080p tv or bigger then your just wating your money. the OP in the article probably has some 720 32" tv or something.

c-redz3602d ago

dudes on crack.... 30 bucks for a disc,most discs are under that! i just picked up 4 blu-ray movies for 40 bucks, 10 bucks each!!!!

Neco5123601d ago

i like bluray but i dont think its worth the money either

Hobb3601d ago

blue ray is too expensive

Maddens Raiders3601d ago

Still bitter about that HD-DVD add on "success"?....tsk, tsk, tsk.

meh...they'll get over it just like Toshiba did.

Nineball21123601d ago

You posted: "The better question is this: will Blu-ray be able to last before HD streaming video becomes the norm?"

According to this article:

79% of people in their survey want hard copies of movies. Based on that, I'd say that yeah... Blu-ray will be able to last.

rucky3601d ago

Article got taken down

Jessica Alba3601d ago

I sure am enjoying watching my movies in HD. And you can really see the difference against upscaled DVDs if you own a HDTV.

The Dark Knight3601d ago

The Dark Knight says hello.

SonyOwnsNextYear3601d ago

millions with hd setups seem to prove this article FAILS.

who else got the batpod?

hay3601d ago

Just watched Wall-E(great movie by the way) yesterday in HD, the ammount of details and color depth was simply stunning. No SD will give you that.
Maybe the jump isn't that huge, but I've gladly made it.

prowiew3601d ago

Why not talk about games?

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Meus Renaissance3602d ago

"I’m not expert when it comes to technical aspects of a Blu-ray disk, nor will I pretend to know exactly what makes a Blu-ray so much better than a regular DVD."

So what's the point of this article?

CrAppleton3602d ago

It's to show an unbiased opinion of blu-ray

Pennywise3602d ago

Unbiased or uneducated?

I dont want advice or opinions of anyone who has no clue what they are talking about.

Captain Tuttle3602d ago

If you have to be an expert in Blu-Ray to appreciate it then it will fail.

Pennywise3602d ago

Come on tuttle... you can do better than that.

You should be knowledgeable about anything you put on your website and post it. I remember when journalists has some integrity.

LethalToxins3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

I tend to agree. Think about it Tuttle, it's not some consumer writing a review on, this is a website review. It should be educated.

Imagine, IGN reviews GeoW3:
"Well, I haven't actually played the game, so I have no idea what makes it good or not, but I think it sucks. 3/10."

Where would society be without education? Still using betamax and 8 track. "I never used VHS/DVD, but betamax is clearly better than both."

Captain Tuttle3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Blu-Ray is entering the main stream. That means Mary Joe soccer mom is going to be in Wal-Mart and she doesn't care about 1080p or HDMI...she wants a good product at a fair price. Videophiles appreciate the technology and they were the early adopters. When you start seeing positive write ups in the local newspapers' "Technology" section about Blu-Ray it will become a world killer. This guy doesn't appreciate it? That's his opinion and he backs it up with some good points. For example, Blu-Ray movies do cost too much money.

Edit for Lethal: Must reviewers for IGN know how to code? Do they have to know the physics behind video game consoles? Does a guy who reviews books have to be a expert in printing them? This guy has watched Blu-Ray movies and he doesn't think they're worth the high price. He recommends renting. That's all.

Mr_Bun3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

" if you’re already watching on an HDTV then you aren’t going to notice a huge difference"

This statement couldn't be more off the mark! If you have a HighDef TV, you will notice the HUGE difference off of the bat! HD TVs emphasize the flaws in traditional cable/DVD signals and other SD data.

The price point is still pretty high for a lot of people but you can't watch something that outputs 1080p to a 480p TV and expect miracles

EDIT: @Tuttle

The problem with your "soccer mom" scenario is that they will walk into a store asking "What looks better" are right that they won't care how or why it works...just the end result...

Blu-ray looks a lot better!

morganfell3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Well tuttle you do not have to be an expert, just honest and with a modicum of vision acuity.

Of course if you are determined to throw rocks at Bluray then no amount of facts or reality are going to convince you it is worthwhile.

And here is where you are definitely wrong tut. Mary Jo soccer mom does care about Bluray. You apparently think the average consumer is brain dead (of course you are a Nobel genius).

Yet when I stand in Best Buy like I did yesterday and watch soccer moms, steel workers, and truck drivers talk about they only want the Bluray edition of The Dark Knight because the picture clarity is far superior then that is expertise enough to make Bluray a winner.

roblef3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Seems like this article is just one guys opinion. You can agree or disagree, but it's not about who's wrong or right. More about how the average consumer might think of the latest greatest gadgetry, like Blue Ray.

@danja - It's not saying Blu Ray is failing. More that it's too pricey to get into at this point in time, for this one writer.

@lethaltoxin - it's not a review, from my reading.

Captain Tuttle3602d ago

They care about it because it's a superior product. It's just starting to reach the mainstream. The main point of the article (he b!tches about getting his PS3 to play games, not movies blahblahblah)is that the cost of the discs are too high. He's right. The price will come down and then I'll bet he thinks it's worth it. Not every tiny little negative opinion against Sony products is FUD.

Blu-Ray will not take off (I mean REALLY take off) until the prices of the movies come down.

morganfell3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Bluray taking off? The adoption rate is 1.5 times the speed of DVD. Sales of Bluray players have now surpassed DVD players in Japan. Bluray single handedly held up DVD sales this year already.

No, we do not really agree. I understand that Bluray has taken off and naysayers are doing everything they can to prevent that reality from becoming the major public perception.

Prices? What is the hottest movie to own this holiday? Look:

A dollar. A dollar difference in price. Bluray is here, it has taken off, and it isn't landing anytime soon.

Also, look at this:

Bluray player sales tripled on Black Friday.

Captain Tuttle3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

You know what? You guys just keep defending your corporation and your format and I'm sure you'll be successful. I just don't understand the attachment and the constant harping on anyone who doesn't think that your chosen tech is the greatest and latest thing. Look at just hunted down 3 links for me. I appreciate the effort but I guess I just don't get that emotional about consumer products.

Pennywise3602d ago

Tuttle I do agree... I want cheaper blurays.

Funny thing is: Bluray games = same price as DVD games.
Bluray movies are more than DVD movies. hmmm

strotee3602d ago

"your corporation and your format"

Wow. If anyone is taking it too seriously, it's you. No one on N4G spoons Blu-ray at night or feeds it breakfast in bed.

morganfell3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Your own actions reveal your words to be less than truthful. You replied to this thread 3 times and countless others relating to Sony and Bluray (your opinion is fairly obvious). That says you care. You claim others are the emotional ones yet you did not reply countless times to various threads on n4g because you seek to enlighten the ignorant heathens.

These 'emotional people' you obviously disdain are at least honest about their motivations. The way you defend MS and attack Sony hardly leaves you standing in the middle of the road. Of course one needs an honest examination of the self to admit to the truth.

Admit it or not you are also one of these 'emotional people'.

You may not care for the picture that paints of you and in indeed you may go on to deny it but facts...are stubborn things.

Let me show you how to properly 'not care' about someone's opinion....

orakga3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

I think you guys are arguing over semantics here.

Morganfell, you are right to point out that BD is performing far superior to DVDs when it was the same "age".

But what Tuttle means by "take off" is a DRAMATIC uptake in sales. He is referring to the ENTIRE mainstream making a conscious shift to the next format and the naysayers finally facing their perils and completely shutting up.

As you may remember, that didn't happen to DVDs until the $100 Chinese DVD players hit walmart (at the end of 2003).

And similarly, this won't happen to BDs until the players hit $150, and NEW 720p HDTVs come down to the $400 line. 1080p TVs would be around $600 by then, hopefully.

I think it'll take another year for us to see that happen, but I think we all agree that the momentum is there, and that we've already passed the point of no return.


LethalToxins3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Agreed. Actually, after rereading what he wrote, you're right. You don't have to be an expert. Anyone who denies that and critiques this guy's opinion because of that reason is just a hypocrite. Well, unless they can recite all of the patents, historical developemental data, why the adoption is so slow, how the fusing of the disc actually goes together, how dual and quad layered discs are created, etc. He knows enough, so his opinion is valid.

@ Morgan

As is his main point: price needs to come down before it truly hits mainstream. Sorry, Morgan, you're wrong on that. The above hit the nail on the head. Outpacing its technological predecessor does NOT make it mainstream. It simply means it /should/ get there at a faster rate.

And one of his points was that the difference in detail isn't the end all be all of movie watching. I personally couldn't care less if I'm watching The Godfater in 1080P BD or on DVD. That kind of movie isn't going to benefit as much as something like Transformers would. Special effects just aren't a big deal. Similarly, I think the Valkyrie Profile games for the PS1/PS2 are better than 95% of the games that have come out this gen. There graphics are horribly dated but I'm not going to not play them just so I can play the OMG so superior HD games on next gen consoles.

Do you really think the masses are going to completely replace their current DVD library with their BD counterparts? Even for the movies they rarely watch? Perhaps. But when will this happen? Oh, yeah, when the price comes down and BD hits mainstream...

Edit: Bubbles to you Tuttle. You changed my mind. That doesn't happen very often. Lol...

Edit: @ TK
And you're an expert in Bluray? It takes a big man to invalidate someone else's opinion when they themselves don't know anymore about the topic at hand. I didn't know you knew how to create a BD and all of the schematics behind bluray technology. Tell me, when are you up for the Nobel again?

Your comment makes you a hypocrite. Your attitude makes you a jerk.

tk3602d ago

When he gets pwned all over the net he can claim ignorance... or stupidity. But it still comes down to blatant on-purpose self-imposed ignorance.

Bob Dole3602d ago

Bob Dole wants Dark Knight on betamax. Superior and cheaper. Har.

Sitdown3602d ago

1.) Bluray's adoption rate is better than what the dvd's adoption rate was around this time in development. If you have not noticed, we are living in a completely different era.......there are tons more tvs in home than there were back then. There would be a serious problem if bluray did not have a better adoption rate. That is like me saying the adoption rate of suvs is better than the adoption rate of the first model car when it came therefore suvs are guaranteed to be around. Geez, I own a bluray player (ps3)...but the reality is, there are a lot more people able to splurge and purchase these products than back in the day.

I really can not believe you brought up how bluray players are outselling dvd players in Japan.......I mean seriously, are people really buying dvd players like they use to? Do you think in the dvd player totals they account for 360s, ps2s, surround sound systems...or are we just talking about stand alone? Again...this should be a natural progression as the market is saturated. I have at least 7 devices in my homes that can play dvds.......with the last purchase being that of my ps3.

TheExodus3601d ago

Blu-ray player sales have NOT overtaken DVD player sales in Japan, it's Blu-ray recorder sales that have overtaken DVD recorder sales:

which happen to be completely different markets!

HD DVD sold a ton of players Black Friday '07 which directly translated into a boom in HD DVD disc sales after Christmas, or not.

Funny thing about reality is that denial doesn't change anything. Blu-ray is on life support, as is Sony because of it. Dark Knight sales will NOT alter Blu-ray's fate because it's the comedies, dramas, romances & thrillers that comprise the bulk of films in Hollywood's vault & those are NOT selling worth a damn on Blu-ray.

BTW, I picked up Dark Night on DVD yesterday & to add insult to injury I watched it with my PS3 as did most of you.

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Pennywise3602d ago

lol! True. I wish blu was cheaper, but like everything... in time it will be.

Time Lord3602d ago Show
Neco5123601d ago

you dont seem to reealise what an opinion is cause thats obviously what the writer was going for so all i have to say is you sir are a f*ck tard

PirateThom3602d ago

Must be one these selectively blind people. You know, the one's who can notice when a PS3 game is missing a pixel but can't tell the difference between DVD and Blu-ray.

Pennywise3602d ago

Anyone who cant see the difference is either: Blind, going blind or lying.

Or of course has a SD TV... which they shouldnt be buying bluray anyways.

Theoneneo813602d ago

or stuck up HD DVD sore losers

morganfell3602d ago

The story does not meet the guidelines for submission and both user and story need reporting.

xaviertooth3602d ago

is simply not worth the time. FACT!

Kleptic3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

yeah...if you can seriously say that there is only a 'slight' difference between DVD and BD on a large're an idiot...nothing more...

on a smaller HDTV, the differences are not quite as noticable...real BD advantages begin to appear on the 50"+ scale...on my 60" SXRD...the difference between BD and DVD is easily as vast as DVD and VHS was...

and that isn't some retarded placebo I've conceived myself...the first BD I watched was on this same television when a friend brought over a PS3 with the free talladega nights disc...and it blew me away...I hadn't seen it in stores yet, and the clarity, color saturation, and contrast was incredible...I didn't own a PS3 yet, as this was right around the end of 2006, and they were still impossible to find...

now I agree that the pricing of BD is still out of I haven't even purchased that many BDs yet because of it (and due to there being a very large lack of good stuff coming out movie wise)...The Dark Knight was the first full priced blu ray disc I have purchased...everything else was on a major discount...

and I have seen DVDs still look good on smaller hdtvs...but upconverting DVD players, normal DVD players, whatever...they look like trash on larger screens...and if you are saying 'no it doesn't'...its simply because you have not seen a BD on it yet...

Neco5123601d ago

it looks good but i agree it doesnt look that much better

falcon3601d ago

my tv is not even 1080p and I can clearly see the difference between dvd and bd. even at 1080i, the difference is like night and day. the only way u can't see this is if u r blind by your own ignorance.

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Mr PS33602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

Forget the Technical aspests
If you Cant tell the Difference when watching either !!
You Need you eyes testing
And you have no right going any futher with your opinion
So stop moaning and look at it as a Bonus
A State of the Art in HD Bonus !!