Why Hasn't The PS3 Been Hacked?

In today's world, it's just commonplace for new hardware to be hacked. So why hasn't the PS3 been abused?

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Nathan Drake3599d ago

The people that can afford a Ps3 can afford spending 60 bucks on games,that's the reason why Ps3 software sells best in Europe

Captain Tuttle3599d ago

Because people who can afford a good gaming PC never pirate games.

rushbd3599d ago

Hackers suck and they failed to crack ps3

va_bank3599d ago

Didn't you say yesterday you had some exclusive news about a "certain Sony handheld"? Or did I miss it?

Kirstenlottesovs3599d ago

He sure did!

now bring up that news, boy!

rucky3599d ago

Because the PS3 did not take one year of R&D. They actually took time to give us the most advance piece of hardware technology unlike the... well y'know

ThanatosDMC3599d ago

PS3s are actually Skynet and there are Terminators inside. John Connor was eaten by one. PS3 cannot be stopped!

Monchichi0253599d ago

You really drank that Sony Kool-aid and enjoyed it huh?!

uie4rhig3599d ago

'hackers' can't really hack, its only homebrewers that can.. and since Sony 'technically' allows homebrew.. homebrewers can't be arsed to 'rehack' the console.. and 'hackers' can't actually hack it..

seriously.. look at the old consoles.. NONE of them has allowed homebrew.. they've all been hacked.. leave out the PS2 which got Linux support later.. tho that support was later in it's life cycle and you had to dish out some more for that.. but at that time.. the PS2 was already hacked..

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Capt CHAOS3599d ago

get loads of games for free on it.

But where are the games??

<easy guys, an xmas jest> <ish>

lokiroo4203598d ago

seriously tho, fvck downlaoding 30, 40, 50 gigs, buying burners and discs and not going on to psn.

Sarick3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

If the hack is to complicated then it's not worth creating. No hacker is going to try and sell a hack that in essence causes the hacks to be more expensive.

What drives these hacks is several things, Homebrew, piracy and glory. Of the 3 Homebrew is already an option without mortification. Glory is just simply being able to say I cracked it. Homebrew isn't really a bad thing unless it's used for illegal activities. Piracy is what pushs hacking. People try and cheat the system so they can get free software or sell the modifications to pirates.

The main problem is the technology. It simply isn't financially feasible to hack the PS3. Sure it can probably be done but at what cost?

First the workaround will probably require some intricate hareware installation or cracking. Not only would this be expensive but to complex to invest in on most cases. Sony can easily update the firmware again to break the cracks.

Secondly the data is just so big that pirating it or even copying it to a media for distribution is complicated and definitely not free.

Third issue is when the system is cracked games introduced after the crack will be disabled with forced updates. Future games have forced firmware updates. Ever put in a game and see the message "This game requires and update to run" Well there you are if you have a pirated copy running on a modded system it won't run unless you update to the not-so-cracked version.

tatotiburon3599d ago

Because the media, the BR, but it will be hacked soon, the same problem with the GC.

strotee3599d ago

How soon? I'm so temped at picking up a 360, maybe I should sell my PS3. Look at all the free games *drools*.

Jamie Foxx3599d ago

..360s cheap enough to have both

titntin3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Blu ray burners and resonable cheap media have been available for ages, as have iso rips of PS3 games. They were available when the system launched in the US almost 3 years ago.

If you genuinely want to know, you should read the article you are responding to. Its hugely informative and well written and about the best explanation of the PS3's advanced securitty I've ever seen.

Its not hacked because no one can hack it. Sony made a big slip up with PSP firmware v1.5 and a few other exploits with that system and learned their lesson. All thr major cracking and pirate groups have tried to find an exploit on the PS3 for years now, but its too tough a nut to crack, and every rumoured exploit (there have been loads) is always BS and leads to nothing.

If you want to pirate games, the PS3 is not the system to have. Its the system I actually have to buy my games for <grin>.

Lumbo3599d ago

2 years, not nearly 3 ^_^

tatotiburon3599d ago

hahaha "resonable cheap media"??? do you know how much a BR 50GB blank disc costs??, do some google please.

PS3 will be hacked, thats for sure, like the GC the last console to be hacked last generation.

Sony learned for their mistakes? so how the PSP3000 it's already hacked?

CrimsonNinja3598d ago

the ps3 is just too

Sarick3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

All those down loadable games makes Xbox 360 a very attractive system for pirates. I assume this helps drive the purchases for those $199 units.

Question: What percentage of those 25million 360's are modded? I'm sure DEV's like SquareEnix would like to know these numbers, seeing as the platform is cracked. I assume SE's big name games will be on that list shortly if not already.

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Shane Kim3599d ago

Because it's made by the latest alien hardware not to be seen on this planet. The Sony Gods themselves came down to earth and gave us this wonderful piece of machine.

And then we have the xbox....

blackbeld3599d ago

PS3 Home is safe!!!!!!!!!!

ravinshield3599d ago

cuz their is no point of hacking that sh1t its wack ass f**ck