Zero Punctuation: Left 4 Dead

Zero Punctuation latest review visits the zombie killing, FPS 'Left 4 Dead'

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Mr_Bun3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

I'm not here to say L4D is a bad game, becuase it isn't... but I find it odd that in these times with everything HighDef and people talking about 1080p and Blu-ray, why are so few people acknowledging the poor graphics in this game?

Don't get me wrong, fun is the #1 reason to purchase/play a game, but when we get all of these video comparisons and people claiming that console A has better graphics than console B, I wonder why this game seems to be exempt.

austere3603d ago

maybe the COOP aspect overshadows everything for everyone. Seems like people bust a nut over COOP these days. I dunno why exactly to be honest. I find fighting other human players more satisfying than playing with them against AI.

Maybe why I haven't picked this game up yet. I'm gonna get a new game I think. I can't decide tho. This game, Fable 2, Mirrors Edge, Prince of Persia. I dunno...already beaten all the other big titles (gears, dead space, mgs4, etc)

ceedubya93603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

I though I was in the Dead Space thread.

In respect for L4D, the game is extremely fun. yeah, the graphics leave a lot to be desired. But they aren't horrible. I feel like they get the job done. The character models are serviceable, and I'm usually too busy getting zombies and hunters off my butt to take in the scenery.

Mr_Bun3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

You changed your post negating what I wrote...the graphics in Dead Space are really good!


I am not saying graphics make a game necessarily...I won't go buy a game just because it "looks nice" and I won't turn a game away just because it looks like balls either, but there is no way that "people have realized that graphics don't matter"...not at least on N4G and not during this "Console War"...That is all I read about.

Timesplitter143603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Well there's a simple reason for that : people have realised that graphics don't matter.

EDIT : @MrBun : Well, people who played the game, that is.

And console comparisons are for butthurt fanboys

ceedubya93603d ago

I got my threads mixed up. For some reason I thought you were saying Dead Space had horrible graphics.

I was thinking "man, he has high standards!" :)

Mr_Bun3603d ago

LOL...I only played the demo for Dead Space, but I was impressed by the very first scene!

austere3603d ago

Dead Space is very awesome. The demo doesn't do it enough justice I believe.

I just went out and rented Fable 2. Not 5 minutes in it froze up my 360. And I'm playing on about a 3 week out Xbox 360 arcade. Pretty bad....from the 5 minutes I did play tho I don't think I care to start it up again. Think I'll go out and buy Left 4 Dead or Mirrors Edge (loved the demo).

solar3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

@ 1,
game play > graphics. plus, the comparison would be up against the superior platform to consoles the PC. who wants to see a 720p graphics comparison of PC vs. 360? laugh.

TheIneffableBob3602d ago

The graphics in Left 4 Dead are far from poor. I guess the 360 version looks rather poor (judging from the screenshots I've seen of it) but the PC version can look quite amazing at times. Also, their visual style isn't just about looks. Valve made some very smart decisions concerning how the game looks. For example, the game utilizes how humans perceive light and uses that to subtly guide the player through the level, increase tension, and makes situations more dramatic.

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OOG3603d ago

lmfao....classic as always

Timesplitter143603d ago

Much less hatin' on this one. I like when he actually takes the time to point out the good things in the game, and not just the bad.

vickers5003602d ago

Why? It's much less funnier when he does it, and besides, he is no one to listen to when you're considering buying a game from a review.

Magic_The_Celt3603d ago

LMAO ahhh i love a wednesday

yamamoto1143602d ago

"So apparently I'm a reeeetaaard!"