Nintendo Switch Features We Most Want

Switch's Most Wanted... When the Nintendo Switch was first released back in March of 2017 there were a few warts and blemishes that the general audience was willing to overlook for the novelty of the device.

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Knightofelemia25d ago

How about adding a friend with out the stupid long code or the ability to message a friend I agree on the party chat system. I also agree on the Virtual Console Nintendo updating the SNES and NES roster seems to happen once in a blue moon.

RedDevils24d ago

how about trophy, something of a reward for players with replayability.

Elronza24d ago

Here's my list
Better Bluetooth support.
A web browser.
Better multimedia capabilities.
XBox streaming.
DS and 3DS games.
GameCube, Wii, and more Wiiu games.
GameBoy, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance games.