5 Valorant Agents in Need of Buffs

KeenGamer: "These 5 Valorant Agents must be buffed to match their competition. Not all agents are created equally. Riot’s expanding character roster presents issues where some are stronger or weaker than others. Your favorite may not be as strong as it previously was."

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huzaifakhan0431d ago

The only Agent in desperate need of a buff is Yoru, no one else! Breach is a highly efficient and powerful Agent when used correctly. Just because Reyna and Jett can evade fights, doesn't make Phoenix useless. He still has his Curveball, Blaze and Hot Hands, which are excellent for pushing into sites. Jett doesn't have that and Reyna's Leer is practically useless now. Omen is still very effective if you know how to use him correctly, and Brimstone's Incendiary and Orbital Strike can easily win you post-plant rounds. Bottom-line is; learn to play Agents instead of saying that they need a buff.