IncGamers: MMO WEEKLY 9/12

This week Jeff looks into the world of MMOs and revisits Age of Conan, Warhammer and Darkfall.

An excerpt? Why of course:

Hello, my dearest fellow game-geeks, and welcome to this week's edition of MMO Weekly! In this week's writeup, we probe the very depths of online geekery, telling tales full of adventure, heroism, epic dorkiness, and unrepentant nerdishness. Stay tuned.

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Leord3603d ago

Love the chick on the right hand side in that pic!

Dorjan3603d ago

Nice read as always.

Everyone needs to watch the WAR clip! Very funny!

syrinx3603d ago

I think Conan is on the way out. It doesn't look good.

martynmj3603d ago

Another great MMO WEEKLY from those sexy inc gamers chaps

Maticus3603d ago

I love the way Mythic screws up and then tries to get away with it by joking about it...

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