PlayStation 5 Activity Cards Are Brilliant For Families,These 15 Games Do Them Right

We’ve had the PlayStation 5 for some time now. The headlines around quick load times and the lovely DualSense controller haptics and triggers are well known. Less talked about are the Activity Cards available on the system. For our family this is becoming a big driver in whether we play a game on Xbox or PlayStation.

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DFresh249d ago

I find them very useful.
It’s a dope feature on PS5.

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Darkborn249d ago

These are pretty amazing and I sometimes forget to use them lol. I'm so used to the old way but it's a way to just load up a save or game mode on a game that supports it as well as track things.

Muigi249d ago

I got a plat in Control thanks to these.

NeoGamer232248d ago

There are two sides to activity cards.

The first, is the obvious one where they assist you in completing the game to its fullest. That is great and I encourage people to complete games to their fullest.

The second, is that there are people out there that go through the game and explore everything. Completing it to its fullest without using activity cards.

With activity cards how do you differentiate the two gamers or how do you know that one gamers spent hundreds of hours exploring and completing the game and the other gamer spent 50 because of activity cards?

I like activity cards, but I think if you used activity cards to progress a trophy the trophy should be marked with an activity card icon.

Muigi248d ago

Lol what? So everyone that’s used Youtube as well should have an asterisk by their trophies too. Activity cards don’t beat the bosses for me, hell all it did was help keep better track of the things I needed to get.

NeoGamer232248d ago

Yes, they should because trophies are less-valuable when people use these things to get them.

I use things like activity cards, you tube, twitch, etc as well. I won't deny it at all.

But when I get the trophy for beating Boss XYZ, I think it should be flagged as "used hints" unless I beat the boss through my own discovery/trial and error. There is nothing wrong with admitting you needed help, but the people that didn't use help should get credit where credit is due.

LiViNgLeGaCY249d ago

Yes! I Love these. I was curious why this feature doesn't get the attention it deserves.

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