Gran Turismo 7 x Porsche - First Look

Time to buckle up: the legendary Gran Turismo returns on 4 March, 2022. Get ready to take your pick from a huge selection of Porsche cars, among them the 917 Living Legend – a concept car with a glorious V8 bi-turbo engine, up to 1000 hp, and which pays homage to the original 24 Hours of Le Mans-winning race car.

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Knushwood Butt30d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on the 917, probably after months of grinding second hand bangers!

potedude30d ago

Hopefully they get the sound right. I love Gran Turismo, and the visuals look incredible but if the sound isn't there then it loses some immersion. Fingers crossed!

Good-Smurf30d ago

The 917K was amazing already but have an Vision GT to pay homage to the legend is such a big bonus.
Can't wait to drive both, last time I was driven 917 was in NFS Porsche Unleashed on PS1.

vTuro2430d ago

Man that game was cool af. Too bad I never made it far in the campaign.

OptimusDK30d ago

No real gameplay??
RT only in garage and photomode. Lets see real gameplay please

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badz14929d ago

people will keep bitching about the online requirement for the SP save. but I have recently watched a video of a jailbroken PS4 Pro and the things that can be done with the save files are endless. you can edit the save file of any game you want with every ridiculous stat the game has to offer and use those save files to play on regular consoles by copying them over is reason enough for the online requirement for FiA approval. Sony could have taken more extreme measures like Nintendo by not allowing save transfer using USB sticks but the media will definitely use it as ammo to attack the PS brand even worse than they currently are. I don't like always online for SP too just as much as everyone but I think in some cases, it's like the hands of the developers are tied. They have their vision for the game which is to fulfil the FiA requirement and they've taken the lesser evil route for it.

I would hate it if they cease the online requirement for this one game to satisfy the raging trolls but we end up losing the save file copy method we now have with the USB stick for all other games.

Drakul29d ago

Great graphics.......for replay.

mikey1529d ago

Drakul1h ago
Great graphics.......for replay.***

Which the wickel PeeCee /Windozze console can't do.. Clue kid, replays on GT are saved by saving the gamer/bots controller movements then re-run via the engine.. This means you can [via the EDITOR] jump to any car on the track pause and view it from any angle... Here

Live Replay Movie Creation of Gran Turismo / SIGGRAPH Asia 2018
114,429 viewsDec 27, 2018

we have the editor being shown at SIGGRAPH 2018 running on GT Sport replays, to create a slomo "incident" in real time, from a REPLAY.. I would pay £50-100 for the editor alone. Note how they jump to any car change colour, time of day, put on night and all the cars lights come on... Note @ around 3:30 they get INSIDE the car, donning a PSVR headset to zoom in on the dials/ look around even change the interior all in REAL TIME and thats running on a PS 4.

Now run along and play with the traffic... Virtual of course. Oh wait, we'll have to wait until GT 7... Then again

perhaps not. lolol