Users Reporting COD Vanguard PC Beta Crash Tied to Battlenet Friends Count

Users have reported the COD Vanguard PC beta crash issue. and it seems this is tied to your BattleNet friends count. Here's a quick fix.

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Amplitude26d ago

Pretty much 100% of what I've heard about this game is just glitches, hackers, lag and technical issues...

Sgt_Slaughter26d ago

Basically every CoD every year since the first Modern Warfare

Zhipp26d ago

I mean, it's a beta. What do you expect? Now is the time for them to catch stuff like this so that the game doesn't launch in a disastrous state

lelo2play26d ago

He's a quick fix, free of charge... DON'T PURCHASE THE GAME, IT SUCKS.

24d ago
Sarcasm26d ago

Just tried the Beta. However any of you may feel about the WW2 setting again, this really felt the same with nothing standing out. Was super bored with it.

24d ago