New Pokemon “Poke-Lid” Manholes in Japan Portray Raikou, Yamper, Magnemite, & More

Another Japanese city installed a batch of the popular “Poke-Lids,” beautifully-enameled manhole covers portraying popular Pokemon and marking Pokemon GO's pokestops.

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Knightofelemia37d ago

They look good for manhole cover but why do I picture hardcore Pokemon fans pinching these covers from the streets.

Abriael37d ago

It's Japan. Stealing isn't exactly widespread. There's over 200 of them, and none has been damaged or stolen in years.

phoenixwing37d ago

What kind of person steals a safety device that prevents others from falling in and or getting their vehicle stuck?

Knightofelemia37d ago

People who steal shit for scrap metal prices no different then sawing off a catalytic converter off a vehicle. Or people who go into abandoned buildings and steal the copper and aluminum.