World of Warcraft Paintings Were Censored to Reduce Sexual Content

"Following a number of lawsuits and sexual harassment claims, Activision and Blizzard Entertainment have been trying to clean up their image, we’ve learned the latest is World of Warcraft paintings were censored to reduce their sexual nature" NicheGamer says.

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slowgamer32d ago

So that's why art world has so many fruit bowls. Somebody just painted over.

antikbaka32d ago

what about increase actual intresting gameplay elements... pathetic

SinisterKieran32d ago

This will definitely decrease the sexual harassment.

DarthMarvin32d ago

Yep! Fear not, female Activision/Blizzard employees, the entire situation has now been solved.

BioShockGX31d ago

Bye bye sexual harassment.

shaenoide32d ago

So out of touch/desperate

-Hermit-31d ago

Was going to say the same thing. Blizzard are dead, what a joke they have turned into.

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