Public in China can now submit a violation report against gaming companies

It has now become easier for the public in China to report gaming companies as NPPA creates a website for the same, The Independent reports.

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TriniOutsider34d ago

I wonder how companies are going to react to this now? As so many gaming companies have investments in China. Mainly Tencent which is one the bigger names, that has it hands in almost everything gaming.

neutralgamer199234d ago

Tencent is a Chinese company so they will have some leeway I think. Market is just so big that companies can't give up on it especially mobile

GamingonPhone34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

At least 1/4 of the major mobile game publishers are from China (or consider China as a major market for them) such as Tencent Games, NetEase Games, miHoYo, Lilith Games, IGG etc. There are so many medium to small publishers as well. So this might affect them a lot.

blackblades34d ago

It's always something about China in video games. At least there one or two good things with china. They unbanned consoles and now we getting good looking games.

Ninte34d ago

That's going to be short lived since China wants to restrict under 18 years old 3 hours of screen time a week.