Neocrisis: Latest Famitsu Sales Figures - PS3 beating 360

Neocrisis: The latest sales figures are for both games and consoles. The PS3 is ahead of 360.

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Monchichi0253598d ago

These are Japenese sales figures so let's keep it all in perspective.

3598d ago
Naked-Snake3598d ago

Kotaku are really pissed because they didn't get to publish their "360 beating ps3" article in JPN.

AngryHippo3598d ago

....should probably be changed stating 'Japan'. Or i guess this is a deliberate ploy to rile up the extremist fans so their submitted story is a hit, knowing that alot of people on here rarely actually read the article.

IronAva3598d ago

And in other news "A group of people ate lunch today".

More news at 11!

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