Saints Row Reboot Gameplay Leaked Online

Only a few hours ago, an unofficial gameplay showcase of the upcoming Saints Row Reboot has been leaked online.

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blackblades29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

The video says fu** deep silver doing the video and doesn't look like leaked gameplay when there's dev talking about it. Unless I'm looking at the wrong thing or mis understood

exputers29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

This is the video, that press was shown (hence the different feedback on Trailer and Sites) most likely not fully finalized so it could be shown to the public. Yes, the watermark is unfortunate.

28d ago
Magog29d ago

Already deleted. People should know better than to post leaks to YouTube they fill give you a copyright takedown for music playing in the background of a birthday video.

exputers29d ago

The credit footage is taken down for some reasons, alternative videos are inside the article.

Michiel198928d ago

they do know, thats why they use throwaway accounts to post the leaked videos.....

gamer780429d ago

Taken down already. Gameplay is about all this game might have going for it. The rest looks like if Silicon Valley college started up a suburbia gang that works at Starbucks by day and organizing protests by night…

kevinsheeks29d ago

Well I didn't get to see it but from what the comments say the gameplay still looks fun.

robtion29d ago

The gameplay is not the concern. The tone is.

KillBill28d ago

Because that is what I say all the time when I am enjoying my game play... "this tone is just so concerning". lol

GameZenith28d ago

Tone is fine with me. People still think this is 2006 and just want people walking around dressed like this is 2006.

Most people complaining about the tone are probably white kids wanting to live out a hip hop street gang fantasy through a videogame

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The story is too old to be commented.