Hades Review - A Better Game Than Its Price Would Have You Believe | Zyro-EG

Jason says, "I’ve played enough roguelikes to understand the subgenre, and I have enough patience to understand its innate repetition. However, the short loop works against this game and about halfway through successful escapes, the grind starts to wear you down. Combine that with some uneven voice acting quality and a happy-ending Greek mythology story, and there are definitely cracks in the armor. On the flipside, the armor itself is impeccably and artistically designed, fit for excellent combat, and makes all the right noises for your aural pleasure. This is a better game than its price would have you believe."

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Popsicle28d ago

Got to love reviews that spoil the ending. SMH.

TheRealTedCruz28d ago

People don't know how to properly cover the writing aspect of a game without just giving away the entire plot.

I made a point to do that back when I was still writing.