Tough enough to fight the Xbox

Graphical chest-beating is a pursuit that has played a much smaller part in handheld gaming than it does in traditional under-the-TV console gaming. It was established early on that the PSP was the console to beat and Nintendo's interface sidestep and reluctance to be baited on the issue of power proved to be the catalyst for peace among fanboys across the land.

But now things are starting to heat up once more and arguments that were put to rest three years ago are starting to rear their stupid, ugly heads.

The iPhone's clear abilities in the pixel pushing department have raised the eyebrows of DS die hards for trumping their console of choice's efforts.

Similarly, PSP devotees have been fidgeting at the sight of games like Hero of Sparta, wondering if it's just a matter of time before the iPhone produces prettier pictures than their pocket gaming companion.

So basically, there's a good old flame war brewing, and just to really put the hungry lioness among the emus, a rumour has filtered through that Sony has enlisted Imagination (the company that supplies the iPhone's processor) to do the guts for the PSP2.

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