ELEX II just got a story trailer today

Today, at THQ Nordic's 10th Year Anniversary showcase, ELEX II just got its story trailer.

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porkChop31d ago

I didn't even know Elex was getting a sequel. I have the original on PC but haven't gotten around to playing it. Seems like a cool sci-fi-fantasy world.

LordoftheCritics31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I despised the combat in the first game.

The other stuff was just about below average as well.

I'm surprised a sequel happened.

neutralgamer199231d ago

They have a good foundation now only if they can build on that this could be a really good sequel

Nacho_Z31d ago

Sorry but that looks lame. Neighbours has better acting.

The_DFO30d ago

Andromeda had better facial animation.

NINJA568930d ago

is this a 30fps trailer? i thought something was wrong with my monitor

phoenixwing30d ago

I'll probably buy this even though the first was janky