Battlefield 2042 Dev: "Not a Project in Trouble," Explains More About the Dev Process

A Battlefield 2042 dev says that the shooter is "not a project in trouble," and shares more about the development process and the delay announcement.

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ArchangelMike28d ago

They have to say that though don't they. It's not as though they would tell us the real issues they were actually dealing with. We've been burnt way too many times to fall for shallow spin. Sure take as much time as you need to make the game great. True it doesn't mean the project is in trouble, it just means that the game is not where you thought it would be at this stage.

LordoftheCritics28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

''We've been burnt way too many times to fall for shallow spin.''

This is it. The devs/publishers of today have created this gaming world of mistrust.

We've had botched launches and content empty releases way too many times. Just from recent memory we got Fallout 76, Anthem, Cyberpunk. Those were heavy hitter titles made by big studios with high fan expectations.
Well even BF4 which fans had high hopes for had such a disastrous launch that the game was forgotten within the year.

On top of that we have repeat business style games from Ubi. Same open world nonsense.

And then we have DELAYS. Not that the games are turning out any special.

The AAA gaming industry is in an odd place right now. Very few games feel fresh and work well right out of the gate.

All these games don't feel full value.

Extermin8or3_28d ago

Cyberpunk was buggy as he'll but the content in terms of interesting story and quests IS actually there. Please don't lumber it in with the absolute festering shit that was fallout 76 and the even worse anthem ... omg that truly was just irredeemable awful. I'm not excusing cd project red or the state of cyberpunk or the features that are just fucked (police anybody?). But my god its on a different level to anthem I oarticular even as a bug riddled mess

-Foxtrot28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

When a developer has to reassure people everything is okay it usually means that something is up. With it being an EA know the rest

gamesftw25028d ago

Maybe EA is doing good this time


NeoGamer23225d ago

I think there should be a new regulatory rule in the video game industry.

Publishers/Developers cannot release a new patch or content for 3 months after a release.

That would make publishers/developers know that their shipping product is as bug free and content complete as possible. If I wanted to be a beta tester I would sign up for beta testing. Now-a-days al most every game released is just a beta and the real game is done anywhere from 3-12 months later.

Orchard28d ago

Obviously not in trouble, the delay is minimal.

excaliburps28d ago

Yep. If it's in trouble, a month wouldn't save it. Most likely polishing and other bug fixing.

Battlestar2328d ago

Your both living in fairy tale land if you think this game isn't going to be a complete mess at launch.

RangerWalk26728d ago

They have multiple studios working on the game. The delay is probably just due to one of them just finishing up and submitting it later than the others did.

PapaBop28d ago

For EA to delay something, I'd say it's in trouble. I hope to be proven wrong but this is EA who have a long history of releasing broken messes.

ArchangelMike28d ago

^^Exactly this. You don't delay a game just to polish it. Surely that's what the day 1 patch is for. If EA are delaying a game, it's absolutely because there's something that has gone wrong somewhere.

Kaii28d ago

I want the game to be good, but that Beta won't be the recent build, it'll be a 2-3 months old "stable" build, so I'm pretty out of the loop on what to feel about this title currently.

It's pretty frustrating to buy "live" service games that can be patched to the "fixed" state, like why sell something broken?
I can echo that point for say Halo, why shove the game out the door without co-op or forge & make something that players "can" buy complete 4-6 months down the line.

Zero accountability & when games launch broken, the devs that were outspoken before launch suddenly go MiA.
Hope for the best, plan for the worst. GL regardless :p

LordoftheCritics28d ago

I think gamers should get the option of paying in parts as well.

10 bucks at launch, 10 after first major patch, etc

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