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ZTGD Writes: When it’s all said and done, Tales of Arise features a likeable cast of characters, compelling story and one of my new favorite combat engines, not just in the Tales series but in all the JRPGs I’ve played so far and if not for the pacing issues and the PC port’s technical issues, it could have set the bar for JRPGs to follow.

lonewolf10805d ago

Really liking the combat in this, for me the most enjoyable in any of the Tales games that I have played.


Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn DLC Review - Unsolicited Nostalgia | COGconnected

Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn provides players with some nostalgia two years removed from the base game, but did we really need it?

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Tales of Arise Surpasses 2.7 Million Sales; Currently Series' Second Best-Selling Title

The entry gained an additional 700,000 boost after April of last year, surprising many gamers for the swiftness in sales growth.

Shane Kim21d ago

Was my first time playing a tales game. Was pleasently surprised.

shinoff218321d ago

I'd recommend symphonia, vespiria , and if you have the means destiny was good to back in the day.

Shane Kim21d ago

Thanks boss, will check them out some day.

TheColbertinator20d ago (Edited 20d ago )

As it should. Best Tales games do far

raWfodog20d ago

It was the first one that I platinumed, and the first one that I played through twice. Loved it. I also played Vesperia, Symphonia, Xillia, Zestiria, and Beseria.

Knightofelemia20d ago

Tales if a great franchise Arise was a great entry in the franchise so I am glad it pulled in these numbers. I wonder if it will be the next Tales game to receive a sequel like Xillia did, Symphonia, and like Berseria and Zestiria.


Tales of Arise Beyond the Dawn Review – A beautiful but basic epilogue | TheSixthAxis

Beyond the Dawn is a hefty expansion, but a lot of that heft is stuff you'll have already seen and experienced in the original game.

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Docmortem23d ago

DLC is way too late for me. The game was nice at the time but towards the end I kinda wanted it to be over. Maybe I give it a go when the price drops to 10. Most likely I will just pass on it.

lucian22921d ago

my issue with the dlc is no new gameplay. no new character to play as, no new skills or specials. like wut?