Yuji Naka has gone indie following Balan Wonderworld disappointment

The Sonic programmer says he's now making a small mobile game on his own.

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porkChop39d ago

That's unfortunate, but not unexpected. Balan was a massive flop.

isarai39d ago

Hopefully he can find a good team. He still has a knack for creating charming characters and worlds, but that only shines with the right team.

Michiel198939d ago

and when youre not overambitious and make a game into a clownfest. what did he want again? 100+ characters with all their own abilities and kits or something, thats just doomed to fail or be mediocre at best.

pensamientosmerodean39d ago

I think Yuji Naka can work as long as he isn´t the head of the project and he isn´t surrounded by yes men, because he can think interesting concepts, however once he has to make them a reality, they struggle.

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The story is too old to be commented.