Call of Duty Vanguard May Support AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution Instead of NVIDIA DLSS

NVIDIA DLSS is conspicuously missing from Call of Duty Vanguard, whereas AMD FSR is mentioned in the advanced options file.

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LordoftheCritics28d ago

Is that because BF uses Ray tracing and dlss?

I personally prefer Dlss over FSR. FSR image is a little blurrier in comparison.

JEECE28d ago

Yeah DLSS is definitely better, it's a shame that more games seem to be gravitating to FSR. I guess FSR is available to far more people though, so I understand.

Alexious28d ago

The new BF won't have ray tracing, sadly.

fr0sty28d ago

It could offer both, but $$$$$ has exchanged hands.

1nsomniac28d ago

Meh, games crap, FSR is crap too.