Gran Turismo 7 Will Support Ray Tracing In Replays and in the Garage

Gran Turismo 7 will support ray tracing on PlayStation 5, but only in certain modes, according to the game's director.

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darkrider35d ago

Cool. But what I want to see is how the dualsense will be used! How much will be diferent

bouzebbal35d ago

It remains a controller.. only the steering wheel can make you feel the game from another angle

GameBoyColor35d ago

This is very true. Can't go back to controllers once i got my wheel.

jukins35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

While a wheel will be best i wouldnt discount being able to "feel" the braking on a dualsense. Drove with wheel and standard pedals for awhile then got loadcell pedals and specfically the braking is where i pick up most of my time. But yea ill never go back to controller. If a racer doesnt support wheel i usually wont play arcade or sim

Flewid63834d ago

So literally every review that says the DualSense makes you feel games from another angle is a lie?

Darkwatchman35d ago

It’s not useless. It’s been a standard for racing games to up the visual fidelity in replays and photo modes to be able to take the most stunning screenshots without the associated rendering load of rendering it during gameplay. So many racing games have done this and GT 7 is no different. I’d rather RT in replays and the garage than no RT at all

VenomUK35d ago

60fps is being prioritised. If there is a PS5 Pro maybe it will have the extra graphics horsepower to add raytracing in gameplay.

KillBill35d ago

To take screen shots that are not representative of actual gameplay. How many previous generation games had raytracing options in replays? I'll wait. And IF it existed in replays in previous generations than the idea that a current gen 9 game can't do it in game is simply a fail.

Tech535d ago

I was thinking that RT would be a situation for the game. If you do the math it would have to do RT for many cars at 4k 60fps. When most current RT games just focus on a couple surfaces. RT is definitely a big compromise.

ProjectVulcan34d ago

PS5 simply isn't powerful enough to deliver much ray tracing, none of these consoles are. It was always going to be very limited use and limited resolution.

When GT Sport ran on PS4 Pro it ran 3200 x 1800 and then checkerboarding to 4K. This is 5.7 megapixels. GT7 has been pixel counted on PS5 so far and shown at native 4K, 3840 x 2160 which is 8.3 megapixels.

Just by bumping that resolution eats up a big chunk of PS5's extra graphics performance over PS4 Pro. It only leaves so much for quality improvements in the game.

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Krog01135d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Yea, I think the verdict around here Forza 5 was not next gen because it did not have raytracing except in replay and garage modes and it is open world and looks amazing. Wonder what that means for GT7.

glenn197935d ago

Ssshhhhhh you can't say that on N4G 🤐

Bruh35d ago

Neither game is "next-gen" can't say that as so when they both are releasing for last generation products

dbcoops35d ago

It means neither game has raytracing during racing. Now stop with the fanboy trolling BS.

iplay1up235d ago

Microsoft is using photo technology. They took thousands of pictures to make it as realistic as possible. Just like Flight Simulator. The details in Flight Simulator, are amazing! You have the entire world, and you can go anywhere!

mikey1535d ago

iplay1up21h ago
Microsoft is using photo technology. They took thousands of pictures to make it as realistic as possible. Just like Flight Simulator. The details in Flight Simulator, are amazing! You have the entire world, and you can go anywhere!***

Lol.. MS is using pictures taken from Bing maps.. PC modders

Microsoft Flight Simulator modders are replacing Bing with Google Maps data
By Christopher Livingston October 20, 2020

As impressive as the simulated world is, Google 3D maps often provides more detailed images of what's on the ground.***

Replaced them with Google Maps as they show more GROUND detail, where cars drive.

Activision34d ago

Forza Horizon 5 is open world, while Gran Turismo is just a circuit racer.

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mikey1535d ago

Om4ever10h ago
Useless if not InGame***

Why kid? @ 100-200mph ray tracing is just a milisecond glint off a shiny surface, more a distraction than a feature, which tires the eyes which is why grown ups wear sun glasses or Driving glasses, when driving in sunny climes.

It makes perfect sense when GT 7 doesn't have to be the perfect Sim, thats GT Sport, which is included with it.

***One other point of clarity I wanted to make was about dynamic time and weather, which wasn't a part of Gran Turismo Sport.

Kazunori Yamauchi: In GT7, the time and weather will be moving in real time.***

Time and weather will be in real time [SIM], however GT 7 will take liberties for the gamer

***That's great to hear. Tied into that, endurance events will have a new dynamism to them as well. How will those day/night transitions feed into races - will we have more endurance events like Le Mans and the N24, a race you obviously know quite well yourself?

Kazunori Yamauchi: Whether or not we actually implement a full 24 hour race is something we're still deciding on. But the weather simulation is actually a weather simulation, not just a weather change. So it does have an effect on the physics of the game. I think that will be very interesting. And also you can set multiples of the time that it takes from real time to 100 times accelerated, so you don't necessarily need to have a full on endurance race in order for the player to experience those weather changes and how it affects their cars in the track.***

Who can speed time up 100x, ergo you can do a 48 hour endurance in 48 minutes to see 2x sunsets/sunrises with both being different. The Cars/Tracks however will be running in normal time/ MPH. Clue if the sun weather are moving 20-100x as fast Ray-tracing is non-existant.

nickanasty20634d ago

Like Project Vulcan said below, raytracing in many cases is too much for Xbox Series and PS5 to handle. A lot of it has to do with Microsoft and Sony going with AMD vs Nvidia for their APU. AMD still struggles with rendering ray-tracing because they don't have extra dedicated cores for the technology like Nvidia does. I think you will see this tech mature a lot more with the mid gen console refresh, PS5 Pro, Xbox Series Next.

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LucasRuinedChildhood35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Hmm. I know F1 2021 made similar concessions but that's still disappointing.

When he says "For the time being", perhaps they intend to add it in later in a mode with a lower resolution and/or framerate?

RT performance modes were added in Insomniac games but it's weird that RT is not there at all in-game at launch. It means that the replay portions of the trailers, even more so than usual, look WAY better than what we'll actually be getting.

jznrpg35d ago

Way better ? Prob not way better .

FreeFallFrenzy35d ago

This is the hope. I'll gladly take some improved lighting/reflections at the expense of resolution as long as it's still 60fps. Rift Apart is insanely good looking at 1080 with ray tracing

FlavorLav0135d ago

I’d take the 4k(60locked) performance mode all day. Ray Tracking while nice, doesn’t impact the overall gameplay experience yet. 1080p Rez to me is like looking through a dirty glass. I can’t go back, regardless of the frame rate.
1080p 240hz, while silky smooth, still looks like rubbish in comparison when you see how much detail is lost.

34d ago
Good-Smurf35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

You must be new Gran Turismo replays has always looked better than when you driving.
It's nicer to have RT in races but when you're so much focused on driving distracting shine and reflections is the last thing you want, at the moment improved GI is more than enough.

LucasRuinedChildhood35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

I pointed out that the replays usually look substantially better in my comment.

"It means that the replay portions of the trailers, ****even more so than usual*****, look WAY better than what we'll actually be getting."

Ultimately, RT isn't just car reflections and some shine on the road. It means more realistic lighting in general which would look incredible with realtime weather and a day and night system. You would absolutely notice the difference. Metro Exodus is a great example of what's possible, and in a game that originally targeted 30fps on consoles (GT wouldn't have as step a resolution drop as the framerate is already 60fps).

I would put some of the blame for RT's in-game absence at launch down to this being a cross gen game. The PS5 is capable of it, and I doubt this game is making use of supersampling (FidelityFX) which would provide a large performance boost.

jznrpg35d ago

I’ve said this is many articles RT is nice and all if it doesn’t kill performance but if it’s there or not won’t sway me in one direction or the other when it comes to playing games .

NeoGamer23235d ago

For some reason people seem to think that if the tech exists then current gen consoles should be able to use it.

News flash.... These consoles are limited just like every previous generation, and developers still have to decide what tech should be and should not be used in each AAA game.

That's why there continues to be more console generations and game developers keep on thinking of new things to add to games.

Father__Merrin35d ago

I'd take it out of races so it sticks to the 60fps 120fps modes. The visuals will be unmatched than any other racer on any platform anyways, the cars in gtsport were ridiculously good looking

Sol4ris35d ago

"The visuals will be unmatched than any other racer on any platform anyways, the cars in gtsport were ridiculously good looking"

FH5's visuals comfortably match what we've seen of GT7, and in an open world racer no less.

34d ago
Destiny108034d ago

there's a reason why they only show forza running at 30 fps

what your saying is gt7 is matching forza in visuals, but at double the framerate

FlavorLav0132d ago

Nothing like driving through pot holeless pastures without a scratch or front wheel alignment needed. Lol. You’re comparing a sim to open world sandbox hot wheels-esque landscape. They’re not the same ballpark.