Virtua Tennis Online on Xbox 360 Only

Sega put another dagger in the PlayStation 3 this week revealing that Virtua Tennis fans looking for the best experience in the next generation will find that only on the Xbox 360.

The company said that Virtua Tennis 3 would be the first Xbox 360 game playable in 1080p - so-called Full HD. The game was already revealed to be one of the first 1080p games on the PS3.

A bigger blow is that only Xbox 360 players will be able to take Virtua Tennis 3 online. While PS3 owners will have to settle for playing in their homes only, Xbox 360 owners will find a full Xbox Live experience including singles and doubles ranked and unranked matches.

Also exclusive to the Xbox 360 is VT: TV - an online spectator mode where you can watch other players duke it out.

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BIadestarX4896d ago

Ok, now that both consoles will support 1080P... Why would anybody buy the PS3 version? Ofcourse aside from being stupid who would? ohh yeah... and Sony fanboys...

ammojoe4896d ago (Edited 4896d ago )

..why would you buy either version.. Its Tennis for christ's sake. Does it come with a free manbag??

Grown Folks Talk4896d ago (Edited 4896d ago )

it's a european carry all.

gogators4896d ago

bad if it came with something free like a manbag. I prefer the online part more.

Athlon4896d ago

Gee sherlock, maybe people who have a PS3 and not a 360 will buy it. So SEGA screwed the PS3 owners by making the 360 version online. They'll probably do the same thing with VF5. I hate SEGA for doing this, but what are you gonna do?

eclipsegryph4896d ago

No offence, mate, but there's really not that many people who fit what you described. Might as well give the bigger audience the best bang for their buck.

Syko4896d ago

Mabye people that are dumb enough to purchase an inferior console, Deserve inferior games.

Yes Fony's I know I left a open ended comment so feel free to insert "Yeah like the 360" or whatever floats your rocks.

BrotherSic4896d ago

Sega isnt 'screwing' anyone,

It has online play on the 360 because:

- Microsoft forces games to have online modes
- Microsoft handles all online play so Sega dont have to worry about it

If Sony had a service like Live then I am sure this game would be online for both platforms.

If you want to blame anyone then blame Sony

Madmax12819804896d ago

How Good The Online Is And To Be Honest If The Online Side Is Great Thats Mere Power By Itself.

The great 14896d ago

Us Sony fans are all doomed, VT 3 has no online play oh my what will we do lol, what a joke as if this makes a difference, what happenes when they release VT 4 and it has online play, basically makes this pointless, fact is it's tennis, i'm not knocking tennis, but i for one find it boring, so at the very least if i had this game i don't see why i would care to go online with it.

ApocalypseShadow4896d ago

virtua tennis from dreamcast to now is a hot spin did a good job but still doesn't hold a candle to's funny though.some 360 gamers act like people don't have friends that can come over and play with the only way to play is online or sad is that.the only friends some of these people have is through a game online.i don't need online in every game.i don't need achievments or gamer points to have fun with a game.

plus,we already knew the ps3 version was offline.this isn't new news.

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The story is too old to be commented.