Best PS5 Games Available Now – 2021 Edition

The PS5 is still in its infancy and there has only been a handful of PS5 exclusives that have been released. That said, the games that you can play on the console right now are absolutely worth your while. These games are incredibly well-done and you would not want to miss the chance to play them. Here are the best PS5 games of all time, or at least, the best PS5 games so far.

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Darkborn38d ago

I agree with all 3 on that picture. If you want to enjoy some gaming. They are worth it. I'm hyped for kena and death stranding directors cut too. Got my WD850 ready for them.

Aussiesummer38d ago

I tell ya returnal is my favourite PS5 game hands down, amazing from the audio to the addictive game play, I just can't stop playing it.

38d ago