Marvel’s Wolverine Needs To Avoid Guardians of the Galaxy’s Protagonist Problem

Marvel's Wolverine needs to make sure it avoids a problem with Guardian of the Galaxy's protagonist cribbing too much from its film counterpart.

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PhillyDillyDee740d ago (Edited 740d ago )

And this article didnt even mention that Wolverine isnt a charismatic, 6’3” underwear model in the comics.

-Foxtrot740d ago

Hopefully he looks like his comic counterpart, they have a chance to do this right, why just make a Hugh Jackman clone.

ApocalypseShadow740d ago (Edited 740d ago )

Needless worrying when the developer has a high pedigree proven more than once. Owned by a company that has proven itself more than once. Which is why they keep getting shots at making more.

Wolverine is a sure bet. On a console platform that has a proven track record of super hero games from Infamous, SM, SM MM, Iron Man VR, DC Online(10 years strong) created by SOE(now Daybreak Game Company after they were sold).

And a Spider-Man appearance, or any X-Men, would just be icing on the cake.

In the comment section 2 years ago, I even mentioned they should do X-Men or Fantastic Four as a Sony Marvel deal

And look-y here, a Wolverine game coming. Now just need some Reed Richards and the gang.

XabiDaChosenOne739d ago (Edited 739d ago )

Wolverine is not a "sure bet" by any stretch. I'm optimistic that insomniac will make a great game but their parent company has soiled itself just as much as it's proved itself recently.

13sentinel739d ago

That makes absolutely zero sense at all. What are you going on about?

Hofstaderman739d ago

Some people so butt hurt.... almost like they have an admantium claw lodged up there...

RedDevils739d ago (Edited 739d ago )

He is buthurt xbox fanboy, is in his name lol

CorndogBurglar739d ago (Edited 739d ago )

I want an X-Men game so bad....

But not like Avengers or Guardians.

Knightofelemia740d ago (Edited 740d ago )

I'd like Cal Dodd to come back and voice Logan in the game to me he is the best voice Wolverine has ever had like Mark Hamill is the Joker, Kevin Conroy is Batman, Peter Cullen is Optimus Prime, Frank Welker is Megatron, Cal Dodd is Wolverine. I love the 90's Xmen cartoon use to be late for school all the time just to watch the cartoon in the early mornings.

Gamble20739d ago

Millennials have now reached the same stage boomers reached where they think everything in their childhood was “the best” implementation. 90s cartoons did have some great voices but I don’t need all my super hero content, 3 decades later, still using the same ones.

sourOG740d ago

“Insomniac needs to avoid making square games”

If anyone isn’t making a square game, it’s insomniac.

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Marvel's Wolverine Should Treat Deadpool Like One Classic Yakuza Character

Deadpool could play a vital role in the upcoming Marvel's Wolverine title by taking up the legacy of an entertaining Yakuza character.

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anast82d ago

I hope not. Keep it dark and grim. Just seeing Deadpool in that thumbnail makes it look like Fortnite.

Christopher82d ago

I think we can live without Deadpool. If he shows up he either steals the show or isn't present enough. He's too popular for being a main character now that he doesn't work as well as a side character in a heavily story driven game like Insomniac Marvel games. I also don't think any of us want to deal with the onslaught of "Why Insomniac MUST make a Deadpool game next" articles.

jznrpg82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

I am guessing he isn’t in the game.

They are going for a more mature darker tone from the trailer shown.

Deadpool doesn’t fit that at all.

I think I saw the first movie once but I’d rather they keep Deadpool in his own games

SimpleSlave82d ago (Edited 82d ago )

Absolutely. This is not about maturity but about writing and presentation. Yakuza is quite literally a story about the Japanese Mafia and it takes itself EXTREMELY seriously in that aspect. Then it flips it around and goes all silly goose on us. You know actual real life is.

The whole "tHiS iS mAtUrE" argument shows how plenty of people here have a lot of growing up to do. Too much Edge Lording and not enough Perspective, Nuance and Reality.

But then again, this will be a game about a guy that has healing factor, is like 200 years old, has indestructible metal over his bones and grows claws our of his hands. And he also hangs out with actual demi-gods and literal gods that are able to alter reality itself. So I guess I stand corrected. Deadpool might actually not work at all.

Oh, well. Maybe next time.

P_Bomb82d ago

Looking forward to it. Just ordered X-men Origins Wolverine to scratch some of that itch in the meantime.

Ninver82d ago

Underrated gem that game is

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Insomniac's Spider-Man And Wolverine Should Start Gaming's Own MCU

Starting gaming's Own MCU with Marvel's Spider-Man and Wolverine is a logical move Sony should make to boost sales amidst high competition.

Vengeance1138119d ago

God NO! The MCU is beyond awful now, or as it is now the "M-SHE-U", not everything needs to be part of some interconnected universe. Also this would greatly hinder creative freedom as making huge narrative changes would need to make sense for other games that are connected.

Terry_B119d ago

The MCU's big problem is..that more or less all Marvel movies and series are a part of it. Which makes something like a bloody Blade movie or a truly mature Punisher movie or series impossible.