Xbox Series X|S Sales Top 7 Million - Worldwide Hardware Estimates for Aug 29-Sep 4

The Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console with 301,405 units sold for the week ending September 4, according to VGChartz estimates. The Switch has now sold an estimated 90.55 million units lifetime.

The PlayStation 5 sold an estimated 203,654 units to bring its lifetime sales to 11.45 million units. The Xbox Series X|S sold 130,365 units to bring their lifetime sales to 7.06 million units.

It has taken the Xbox Series X|S 43 weeks to sell seven million units sold worldwide, while it took the Xbox One 52 weeks to reach the same milestone.

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ColtPSSX32d ago

Good sales for S/X and PS5

darthv7231d ago

Yes, so far PS5 is 1 month ahead of PS4 and Series is 2 months ahead of XBO. Both doing good.

GamingSinceForever31d ago

Sells is a tricky subject right now because I believe that both the Series X/S and the PS5 are leaving shelves instantly. So right now it’s all about available stock.

If they both put an equal amount on the shelves I believe the sells would be a tie.

It’ll be at least another year before we start seeing stock sitting on shelves.

TheDoomedGuy31d ago

No...the series s is easily found.

darthv7231d ago

^^doomed... you keep saying that but you can really only speak for yourself. Its what you can attest to in your area but that is not the same for everywhere else. Until every retailer across the globe has the exact same availability... please stop with your trying to downplay availability for the millions of others who are without.

TheEnigma31331d ago

Sale would not be equal. When has xbox ever outsold PS worldwide?

TheProblem31d ago


Except he isn’t just speaking for himself. You can buy the series S on Xbox. Com in the us and pretty much anywhere in Europe.

Demand for Xbox is levelling off. The real question is if Sony could be supplying 500,000 ps5’s per week would we be looking at 500,000 sales vs 130,000 weekly?

No body knows because ps5 demand can’t be measured yet until more stock is consistently available

31d ago
GamingSinceForever31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

@TheEnigma313...I said nothing about XBox outselling the Sony. I said that the initial demand has yet been met and both consoles are still flying off the shelf.

By the way I do not count the Series S. Not sure what MS was thinking with that one.

babadivad31d ago


You can find the S but not at MSRP. I can go online and find ALL the next gen consoles. Newegg, walmart, ect. If you aren't paying MSRP, then they aren't widely available or "easily found".

HamThai131d ago

@ gaming if you’ll follow Twitter PS5/xbsx trackers you’ll know that Xbox pop in every day while PS5 pop once a week per stores if lucky

MADGameR31d ago

I saw a bunch of Series Ss all over Walmart. I think you are delusional.

alb189931d ago

Don't trick your self. Maybe in USA and UK but everywhere else SONY is more popular.

iplay1up231d ago

Could you learn English please! "Sells" is not the correct term! SALES, is correct. Either English is not your first language, or our schools are failing us. A person sells his old consoles. A Sale, means something is for sale.

Ozzy240731d ago

In the UK you can get a Series X easy

Orchard31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

@TheDoomedGuy @TheProblem @MADgamer I just checked the major retailers here in the states: Target, Walmart, BestBuy and Amazon. No Xbox Series S. So it’s so easy to find that it’s sold out at every major retailer?

Also regional availability means nothing. PS5 is sitting on shelves ready for immediate purchase at MSRP in some locations - even online in some locations! It means nothing - PS and Xbox are both in high demand.

Heck I have managed to acquire 3 so far. It’s been way easier for me to find a PS5 than XSX in my area.

@Ozzy Which store? Argos and Amazon are out of stock.

gravedigger30d ago (Edited 30d ago )


XSS is widely available across EU. It is to easy to see it online across numerous online retailers

XSS is on sale for more than a half a year. Constantly 10-20€ on discount

Orchard30d ago

@Army_of_darkness Available at $365 from a third party vendor doesn’t mean readily available.

If it was readily available it would be by Walmart at MSRP.

Anyone can find a PS5, XSS or XSX for scalper prices… that isn’t hard.

MrNinosan30d ago

The Series S has been available daily since January here in Sweden.

Now our stores can't even get full price, so they're discounted from 3595 SEK to 2995 SEK. Still doesn't sell out though.

gravedigger30d ago

For those who doesn't want to believe that XSS is widely available across EU ( some here are saying in US to ) and it doesn't sell out = ignorance is a bliss.

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NeoGamer23231d ago

Even better sales for Switch.

ZeekQuattro32d ago

Recently got a Series S off of Amazon. Now I can relax this holiday. Lol


I'm curious, why not go for the Series X assuming you don't already have one?

ScootaKuH31d ago

In honesty I'd also choose the SS over the SX. My reason is that my main system is PS5. We have it in our living room and is our entertainment centre. Any Xbox we got would be in a spare room and used only very occasionally for the very few Xbox titles I would play. Basically it would be a GP only machine. SS would therefore be more suitable as a second console than an SX, especially given it'll be in a spare room and not used very often.

NeoGamer23231d ago

I have two XSX and one XSS.

The XSX are on two 4k TVs I own. I have a secondary home in another city. It is a 1080p 3D TV. I have the XSS there because I probably won't replace that TV anytime soon and therefore no reason to buy a XSX on a 1080p TV.

ZeekQuattro31d ago

Not spending $500 on any console let 1 grand which was the cheapest Series X I could find on there. Expensive shipping as well. The S meanwhile was readily available for $300 with Prime shipping. Easy decision and I can finally retire my Xbox One VCR. Lol

Vizigoth0431d ago

I mainly game on PS5 but I was shocked a couple months back I saw a Series S on Walmart shelves so we picked it up. It was originally intended to be our GamePass machine but oddly I’ve been only playing Division 2 on it with a buddy who only has a Series S as well. If I am ever able to get a Series X I will replace my Series S with it and slide the Series S to my son to replace his One S.

darthv7231d ago

I couldnt get the SX at the time, so i went with the SS and it has been a really nice little machine. I unplugged the 4tb hdd I was using on my one S and plugged it into the SS and it was like i never missed a beat. Gamepass has been a great service be part of.

when i do get a SX, it will replace my one X i have now that i use for all my disc based games. until then, the one x is doing just fine.

chiefJohn11731d ago

Walmart all access program had XSX available. How i got mine, they keep a stock of console specifically for that program which scalpers will typically shy away from making them more available

KillBill30d ago

I will be getting my son a Series S this month to replace the One X I gave him after I got myself a Series X. The One X will go into my daughters room. The old One S I have no clue where it will go yet?

And apparently some Japanese stores have quite a lot of PS5s on hand of late. Seems like stock is not as much an issue in some countries?

But for the main part all next gen systems are selling out stock globally.

CaptainHenry91632d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Why is this a rumor article?

ZeekQuattro32d ago

Vgchartz are always listed as such.

Orchard32d ago

VGChartz is always a rumor - it’s not based on an official/100% accurate data set released by Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo.

Rude-ro31d ago

Because they collect data from other data collection sites then they also put in their own figures/equations.
They are not a legitimate entity within this field of work.
So since they get no official information from any true sources, they are a rumor site.

gunnerforlife30d ago

Because it is made up data by VGchartz. They're not real!

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ThePacemaker31d ago

So much for “ as Gap shrinks between PS5 & Xbox Series” 😂

OptimusDK31d ago

Xbox is from the PS4 Xbox one moved from af times 2 to a times 1.5 - så they cathed 50% higher sales.
Not that bad however you try to spin it.

ABizzel131d ago


I agree with you for the most part, but the 120m vs the alleged 60m was also an end of the generation.

This is the beginning of a generation where hardware has limited availability and fans of both consoles still can't actively walk into a store to get one as they sell out online. The good news is that Xbox has done significantly better Gen-over-Gen this time at launch in both hardware sales and consumer appeal.

The bad news is they're currently being outsold by 1.5x and that gap is slowly growing as it was last reported 6.5m to 10.0 (53% in favor of PS5) and now it's 7m vs 11.45 (63% in favor of PS5), and that's with 2 Xbox SKUs one that has the best price of the next-gen console, and one that has the best GPU and theoretical performance of the next-gen consoles, GamePass, and still the gap is growing in favor of the PS5 and physical software sales are down dramatically on Xbox to where games are selling over 80% of their sales on PS. So we have to take the good with the bad.

Xbox is doing better, but they still have areas to improve, and that first one is finally getting first party exclusives on the console, but also find out which unit is making them the most sales in each market and flooding the market with that version as much as possible. My area has to be the Series X, because we have multiple stores with several Series S on the shelves, and one store has them marked down below retail.

As long as they sell better than the Xbox One they're fine, and even if they sell the same as long as they get their GamePass attach rate up they'll be happy as well.

DOMination-30d ago

Sony has a major advantage in that they are an Asian company and have been a hardware manufacturer for decades. Microsoft are American and primarily a software company. Sony have much more sway in getting semiconductors because their orders will be larger due to the wide range of Electronics they produce in comparison and they'll have better contacts/access due to their location.

Now that's not to suggest that Xbox could outsell or even sell on parity with PlayStation. Nobody could seriously think that with the current state of play but comparing sales right now doesn't tell the whole story as demand is far outstripping supply and it just so happens that right now, Sony are able to produce considerably more consoles than Microsoft.

Given infinite supply, of course the PS5 would outsell the Xbox and considerably but the reality is, if both could have produced 15 million units by now, they both would have sold 15 million units.

chiefJohn11731d ago

It has, especially in america

JEECE31d ago

The thing is, when some people say that, they don't mean the overall gap, they mean the gap in weekly or monthly sales. So if PS5 outsells X/S by 200,000 in one month and then outsells it by 75,000 the next month, obviously the overall gap between the two grows in both months. But some people would still characterize this as the gap shrinking because the sales difference during that period is smaller than the prior period.

Vizigoth0431d ago

Which a waste to mention such a stat unless there is a new constant trend. But you’re absolutely right.

T4rnished0731d ago

All those playstation consoles sold and still won’t ever be worth 2.5 trillion. Sony exist because MS allows them too.

4U2NV31d ago

All them trillions and yet still cant release a decent launch game for their "Next Gen" Console. 🤷‍♂️

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anast31d ago

Not bad for selling 2 different consoles.

F0XH0UND92231d ago

Yeah it's weird how they combine XSS in with XSX lol

darthv7231d ago

Not weird at all. Its the norm now a days. MS is just following the trend that Nintendo has been doing for a while now. Sony too.

Tedakin31d ago

They combine PS5 and PS5 digital..................

31d ago
F0XH0UND92231d ago


Epic fail lol They're the same system, just the optical drive. The XSS and XSX are completely different systems. Try again my guy

KillBill30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

They also combine PS5 digital with PS5. As well when PS4 and Xbox One they listed all variations under one total more than not.

@F0XH0UND922 - no less different than Xbox One and Xbox One X. No less different than PS4 and Ps4 Pro. The fact is they are different variations of their generation hardware as will the PS5 Pro when it comes out.

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