Loot Ninja Review: Brothers in Arms Hour of Heroes (iPhone/iPod Touch)

Loot Ninja writes:

"Not a lot of App Store games come in around the $9.99 price point. If you compare this to the other two major mobile platforms, this is quite a steal for any AAA title. Brothers in Arms Hour of Heroes is definitely a top notch title with its graphics and sound, but is it worth the money?"

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iiprotocolii3598d ago

Good review, Tyler. It's finally great to see good games on handhelds (phones, itouch). Apple is doing really well with a good flow of releases, I must say.

dubbalubagis3598d ago

This game has caught a lot of flak over the controls but it is an experience worth trying. I just don't see what all of the fuss is about a $9.99 game. That's cheap in my book, especially when people are paying $199+ for the device to play them on.