Battlefield 2042 New Early Access Date Revealed, Dev Says BFV in Different Phase When It Got Delayed

DICE has announced the new Battlefield 2042 Early Access release date is Nov. 12, 2021! Dev says BF5 was in a "different phase" when it got delayed.

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LordoftheCritics40d ago

For some reason I don't believe anything devs/publishers say these days.

excaliburps39d ago

Better they communicate than not at all.

Rimeskeem38d ago

It's best if they give some more details though.

Snakeeater2538d ago

Yeah specially when they use cold as and excuse for bad planning

1nsomniac39d ago

The alpha play test was an absolute car crash and it was obvious from the official forums it was clear it needed a delay. I’m shocked it’s took them this long to come clean with their fans/customers.

Mikeyy38d ago

Is there going to be a beta?

Snakeeater2538d ago

Like the playtesting for ps5, I think it will be canceled. The yahoo’s have focus only on next gen