PlayStation Store: August 2021’s top downloads

Madden NFL 22 and Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut dominated the charts last month.

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JEECE28d ago

Hades is #3 in the US and #2 in Europe on PS5. It did not chart in either region on PS4. So for all the people who said "those are only UK physical sales" when I pointed out that Hades PS5 outsold the PS4 version 3-1 at launch, here you go. Just like with Hitman 3, the PSN charts confirm what we saw in the initial UK sales: new games are selling on PS5, not PS4.

Magog28d ago

It makes perfect sense. People who buy a brand new console are more likely core gamers that are willing to spend money on brand new releases. People still gaming on old consoles are likely the type to wait for sales.

Darkborn28d ago

Bingo. I have friends who wait 4 or so years after a game releases to go search in the bargain bin. Not a single one of them even tried looking for a ps5 or Xbox series console yet. They haven't even tried God of War or spiderman 2018 yet and are mad that the games were "spoiled" on their trailers. It's their fault for that, but that's a side note. Many casuals will wait for the mid Gen refreshes to buy the nearly reduced price new Gen consoles then.

JEECE28d ago

Exactly. But people just want to look at it as a straight numbers issue. Like "there are 115 million PS4 owners and only like 11 million PS5 owners, of course games will sell more on PS4." This fails to acknowledge that the people who don't care about upgrading to PS5 are very different types than those who are upgrading.

CantThinkOfAUsername28d ago

Yeah, we keep seeing this pattern with every new release even games that were meant for PS4 before PS5 comes out. Kind of makes cross-gen exclusives sting, like companies are holding the games back for a very small percentage of buyers.

JEECE28d ago

Yep. It's clear that some of these companies made a serious miscalculation on how quickly the new consoles were going to sell and and how much sales of games were going to drop off on the old ones. It doesn't matter so much for a smaller multiplatform game like Hades, as it was never going to take advantage of PS5 anyway. But it's really disappointing that Sony is holding back Horizon, GOW, and GT7 for a console where they will only sell a small minority of their overall sales of those games.