The big Gran Turismo 7 interview

How Kazunori Yamauchi wants to preserve 150 years of car culture in a single game.

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darthv7229d ago

Ray tracing in replays and garage... interesting.

Orchard28d ago

The replay part is kinda baffling... garage-only I could understand.

IRetrouk28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

It'll be for anyone that wants to see it in their replays or take pictures... makes perfect sense.

Orchard28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I get why someone would want to use it.

What I’m saying is baffling is the fact they obviously have it working in the game world if it’s in replays - so why is it not there during active gameplay? Performance?

Really both this and Forza should have ray tracing. Racing games can typically push the visual boundaries a bit more because of the limited scope. It’s a pretty big failing for both Forza and GT to only support RT in limited modes.

IRetrouk28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I'm dissapointed by it too, but its not gonna stop me playing either game, We might get updates to them too, kinda like what insomniac have been doing, hope is not lost yet lol

Orchard28d ago

Yeah I hope they update both of them post-launch with RT. Still going to play both for sure.

I expect the first next-gen Forza Motorsport entry to have proper RT since it's next-gen only and further into the gen. We are still in the early days of PS5/XSX, and these are cross-gen games.

IRetrouk27d ago

Yeah thats true enough, motorsport will most likely have it, looking forward to that too, a complete rebuild doesn't happen very often in these games so it's exciting to see.

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ferhound28d ago

what a let down for a console wich selling point was raytracing.

ABizzel128d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Ray Traced lighting was never going to be a selling point of these consoles (shadows and audio, with eventually global illumination), especially for anyone who knows the hardware behind them. The RDNA 2.0 GPUs aren't capable of high performance Raytracing, and the consoles have been doing Quarter-resolution RT just to keep consistent performance, anyone expecting PC level RT from these consoles should have known better once the desktop AMD GPUs performance was revealed.

Where this game has the chance to shine is in later 2022 when PSVR2 comes and if this game supports it in full this generation for every game mode, which is highly possible and makes sense why this is a PS4+ game instead of a full PS5 game (like racers traditionally are). PSVR2 graphics will be on par with the best of PS4 but running up to 4K @ 60 or 1080p - 1440p @ 120fps depending on the game.

Bathyj28d ago

Actually the selling point for Playstation was always good games, but I do agree that is disappointing. I want 60 frames AND raytracing this gen. I don't give a damn about resolution.

Tacoboto28d ago

No 120fps option either. On a closed-track racer also releasing on last-gen, that's a pretty disappointing lack of effort.

Like come on, Dirt 5 had that, at launch.

Flawlessmic28d ago

Quite dissapointed to hear no ray tracing when ur actually racing.

Who even watches replays anyway, so oretty ill get to see ray tracing in the garage... cool.

Man, this is still my most wanted game but im wondering just how different will it actually look without raytracing while playing.

Would like them to show gameplay but not cockpit view so we can seewhat reflections they are using and how it looks.

Either way bring on march!!!

ColtPSSX28d ago

Tbh, playing my SX and PS5. I can never tell the difference without ray tracing or it isn’t that big of a difference.
But that’s just me

Good-Smurf28d ago

Which part of the interview they mentioned ray tracing replays and garage only?
I'm honestly couldn't find that part.

OB1Biker28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Wccftech is a site specialised in clickbait and often questionable source so I would not trust them.
I’d wait for good translation or better source. Possibly implementing RT later ?

IRetrouk28d ago

Here's the the raytracing part of the interview translated by Google, I'm honestly not sure lol

darkrider28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Damn, the usual suspects tryng to downplay gt7. Strange that another console that some say is much more powerful doesn't have any rt on their arcade racing game. And it's not the only game that won't have rt at launch quite disappointed..

Saaleh28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

Well it is cross gen which was REALLY disappointing, with that in mind[for months] it is silly to expect any new gen features, if it is there in some weak form good if not who cares, in the end we will be playing a real quality AAA GT7 cross gen game. I'm not gonna be disappointed twice like some people and i'm not gonna feed the [fake useless clickbait media that keep attacking awesome games like god of war and gt7].