Battlefield 2042 leak suggests All-Out Warfare will have LTMs

With the Battlefield 2042 release date being delayed to November 2021, EA reportedly informed a number of retailers about the delay ahead of time. A slide from that presentation EA gave has seemingly leaked which details each of the main modes within the game, including All-Out Warfare, which is apparently getting Limited Time Modes.

The slide details the three core experiences Battlefield 2042 will offer, including All-Out Warfare, Hazard Zone (which we know very little about), and Portal. The aforementioned All-Out Warfare section is the traditional Battlefield experience we all know and love. This mode is described as including the game modes “Conquest, Breakthrough, and LTMs”.

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got_dam36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

I think I'm stupid, but what is an LTM? Hahaha neverming. I just missed it when I was reading the article. So, yes I am stupid.

Ninver36d ago

Lay off the drugs bud. Narr jokes.