GOW Ragnarok Norse Story Ending in 2 Games was Cory Barlog's Decision, 5 Years to Make One New Game

Gof of War Ragnarok ending in two games was Cory Barlog's idea, and shares that it takes 5 years to develop one. More enemy variety in the sequel confirmed.

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Hellcat202032d ago

So what I am hearing here is this game quite possibly won't even make a 2022 release window if this game started after 2018 GOW.
5 years would push it to 2023.
Holy Shit

gamesftw25032d ago

>So what I am hearing here is this game quite possibly won't even make a 2022 release window

Probably why it doesn't have a release date period set yet.

Army_of_Darkness32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Look on the bright side, it might just possibly be a ps5 exclusive by then and they can really go all Out!

Mr Logic32d ago


That's not how any of this works. The game has already been Designed with the PS4 in mind. Sure they could scrap the PS4 version tomorrow and make some enhancements on the fringes, but fundamentally to truly tap into the PS5 they would have to scrap it and start over.

zacfoldor32d ago

“A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.”

preciousdeath32d ago

I was confused at first as to why they stated 2021 in the reveal teaser a year ago. However, perhaps they decided after the reveal to make only one more game in this mythology instead of 3 and that pushed the game out another 2 years. Makes sense because they did say to expect a 40+ hour game. GOW 2018 is only 25+ hours.

Sunny_D32d ago

Dude what??? That’s not how that works.

wwinterj32d ago

It could be possible that they worked on this game while finishing God of War 2018 so the end of 2022 might happen.

Hellcat202032d ago

That would mean no one got any rest between game production.
Watch the video and Corey said he was burnt out at the end of making GOW.
Plus take in consideration that the studios shut down during the pandemic, that there alone was one year missed so it's possible that it will come out in 2023

camel_toad32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Heck I'm just really glad to hear they're addressing the lack of enemy variety. That was literally my only gripe with the first game and it wasn't a particularly big gripe given the rest of the game's greatness.

But I'll say that 2023 for a PS4 title is going to be extremely late in that platform's life cycle - 10 years. I wonder if they may abandon the PS4 version so they can push the PS5 version more.

StoneyYoshi32d ago

Keep in mind they had to build all the assets and combat mechanics etc from scratch when creating the first game. Barlog has also been on the record to say that they can make a sequel to this game faster because they don't have to build everything from scratch anymore.

neutralgamer199232d ago


No by the end 30-40% of development team is in pre production on the next game. So even though GIW came out in 2018 it doesn't mean the development of the next game started after release. Especially on sequels because so much of the groundwork has already been done by the game prior

Hellcat202032d ago

I place my bet on a 2023 release date

CobraKai32d ago

I dunno if that’s an apt statement anymore. No Mans Sky in particular made me see that a bad game can actually become great.

imtiyaz632d ago

Don’t care how long it takes if it helps the game. After the whole cyberpunk fiasco, you’d think gamers would learn not to push the developers so much.

alb189931d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I haven't play the first so I will wait till the second is out. It will be epic.

darthv7231d ago (Edited 31d ago )

From what i understand, during the development process for the first, they had so much content that they knew there was going to be a sequel. And the bulk of the time spent making the first was in getting the engine and assets all to where they wanted them. So when it comes to making the sequel, they already had things figured out and Cory even stated it would take less time to release the followup than the initial game.

Id even say they probably were already working on the sequel before the first game was even finished. Doing it like a director of a movie / tv series would do it.

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-Foxtrot32d ago

Still seems out the the blue

Like, I was expecting a full game of Kratos vs Odin

If he's supposed to be in this game then I hope it's not just like Act 3 onward , I want him to show his face from the start and set the stage for the final battle.

excaliburps32d ago

Same. Sony Santa Monica confirmed there are two antagonists in Ragnarok, right? Freya and Thor? So Odin won't play a major role, then?

Mr Logic32d ago

They also said Ragnarok happens and you can't have Ragnarok without Odin.

CobraKai32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Whatever the case, I think the game will end in epic, spectacular fashion. I think Odin will still have a large part to play. Not Zeus like, but still there.

JEECE32d ago

Maybe they feel like they don't want to repeat the Kratos vs Zeus story.

Inverno32d ago

The game was never about killing all the norse gods tho. It was about Lokis journey

-Foxtrot32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

It might be his jounrey but there's still conflict on top of that

I mean...Odin is trying to kill them, he's p***** off, wants Atreus and trying to kill Kratos.

As soon as Fayes protective shield went down around their home the Baulder and the rest of the Gods came for them

What's Kratos going to do? Have a nice talk with him and work things out? He started it, he needs killed, it's been working towards that. There's literally no other way.

Nitrowolf232d ago


Well Kratos does seem like a calm and reasonable man

Mr Logic32d ago

GOW was a long game and I expect the same here. Also I have a theory that everything we saw in the trailer takes place in the first 3-4 hours and then it goes places.

SenorFartCushion32d ago

Not everyone has to fight in games like this.

-Foxtrot32d ago

…it’s God of War 😂

SickSinceSix31d ago

You think that Ship Captain will return again?

Inverno32d ago

"Odin will die at Ragnarok
Odin and the Fenrir wolf will fight each other to the death And Loki will turn on the Aesir, and fight Heimdall, and they will kill each other. Tyr will fight the watchdog “Garm” that guards the gates of Hel, will also kill each other."

Googling his fate gives you this. They seem to be following the myth a bit more closely this time probably due to the story of Ragnarok being so interesting already. Keep in mind that everything that will happen has already happened which is why it's written. Probably why Kratos was shown to die on the wall because he's not meant to interfere

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JEECE32d ago

These long dev cycles are a big part of what makes cross-gen games so disappointing. These devs that are releasing cross-gen games when PS5 has already been out a year and half (estimating GOW's launch) might not get another game out until the very end of the generation.

Magog32d ago

There are plenty of next gen only games that look like crap and plenty of cross gen and even last gen games that look better. Graphics are about talent and budget more than the specs you're targeting these days.

Popsicle32d ago

Agreed Jeece and have been thinking about this for a while. With development cycles being this long and obviously not getting shorter, we may have a PS6 before getting triple AAA exclusives that are not held back by gen 8 consoles.

JEECE32d ago

Yep. It's not inconceivable that Sony Santa Monica's next game will be PS5/PS6 cross-gen.

Sunny_D32d ago

PS5 hasn’t even been out for a year. What are you talking about?

JEECE32d ago

"(estimating GOW's launch)"

You must have overlooked this part of my comment. God of War was recently delayed into 2022. And since Horizon is coming out in February, presumably GOW will be a few months after that at least. This estimate puts GOW, a cross-gen game, launching about a year and a half after the launch of PS5. Make sense?

masterfox32d ago

I think it did right with that decision, so they can put it in hiatus and focus in another IPs, not sure but somewhere I think I saw a comment that Balrog has been developing a type of cyberpunk game and so that was the reason he left ragnarok to other Director, and if that is true is freaking awesome.

zacfoldor32d ago

Maybe they just aren't bankrupt of ideas and want to do a soft reboot every couple of games. There is a lot to explore with God of War. When God of War Ragnarok comes out, the IP will be hotter than ever. I doubt it goes on hiatus.

Magog32d ago

Sounds smart. Two games is enough for the Norse Gods. I predict his son will take on the Egyptian Gods next.

Luc2032d ago

You think we'll be getting God of war's creed?

Magog32d ago

Why not? AC already swiped the Norse and Greek settings from GoW. About time they returned the favor.

Bobertt31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I don't think they will do an Atreus only game he still isn't likeable or strong enough to carry a game by himself. He would have to grow up a lot in the next game.

Magog31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

He willbe a full grown man and Kratos will be dead by the end of Ragnarok. Bank on it.

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