Game Daily Review: Resistance 2

Game Daily writes: "Resistance 2's developer, Insomniac Games, does an excellent job throwing us into tense situations. Throughout our brief journey, we wandered through dark and alien infested apartment buildings, battled a giant monster in Chicago and narrowly avoided becoming a snack for a vicious Fury, an underwater creature that makes a beeline for hapless swimmers. Bullets and lasers fly in all directions, barrels explode and enormous creatures blot out the sun. This is why we own PlayStation 3s."

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Salta_nelas3601d ago

The Gears fanboy at it again =)

BulletToothtony3601d ago

is quite pathetic.. i never EVER click on their site.. i don't care what they say... they want hits.. they gave mgs4 a very low score just for the publicity..

I hate people that don't care about games just to try to get famous..