Call of Duty: Vanguard (Beta) – Preview (PlayStation Galaxy)

Dennis wrote: "Overall the game is acceptably ok but it sometimes feels like a lot of things are just recycled. But probably that’s just me hoping for something new."

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Kaii32d ago

Breaks up lobbies to apply sbmm: check
Has "mount gun" function: check
Spawns make sense: 1st lobby was Hotel Royal & camping aside, didn't have any issues with It, I guess the enemy spawns for me were favorable to me at the time.

2nd lobby (ow-boy) does that whole breaking up the lobby thing to apply the metrics, entering Gavutu with cross-play turned on (If It's solely based on Input being KBvsKB & vice versa I don't mind) It didn't look to be like it was.
I couldn't tell after the Initial 1st deaths In the lobby where the enemy was spawning, that's with a map and thinking they'd spawn away from my team's icons, they didn't.

Original modern warfare beta In 2007 had HQ game mode, I uninstalled the duos beta after 5m the other week, S&D is pretty meh overall & finally you've got TDM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Beta = Stats get wiped & you've got rank 20's thinking its the Olympic playoffs.

To summarise, CoD is CoD & it is safe to skip again (PS5 Controller features were neat)