Former Capcom CEO Kiichiro Urata joins Sony as head of Japan Asia Partner Development & Relations

Kiichiro Urata, the former CEO of Capcom USA and Europe, has joined Sony Interactive Entertainment as the senior vice president and head of the Japan Asia Partner Development & Relations Division, the company announced.

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SullysCigar37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Indeed. VERY interesting :^p

Sonyslave337d ago

Dude use to work at Ms for 10 years 😊 i wouldnt put to much thought in this hiring.

bouzebbal37d ago

How is that? They got Lost Planet Dead Rising and Dark Void back then.. guy is a big and well respected figure in Japanese gaming.. he’ll definitely contribute and attract Capcom

SullysCigar37d ago

I'll take RE8 VR, Dragon's Dogma 2 and an update on Deep Down for starters, please Kiichiro!

37d ago
Magog37d ago

Resident Evil 9 a PS5 exclusive then?

enkiduxiv37d ago

He is a former Capcom CEO, so probably not. Maybe a timed exclusive.

37d ago
Destiny108037d ago (Edited 37d ago )

as long as its designed with the PS5 controller / 3D Audio in mind, it essentially is, a PS5 exclusive

isarai37d ago

Hopefully he can sort out the weird biased censorship sony has had lately towards Japanese games.

isarai37d ago

Devil may cry v weird lense flair butcrack.
Doki Doki literature club censoring blood
Tales of Arise has apparently been heavily censored in many aspects from an unlockable towel outfit to a dude hitting a woman in a cut scene ( they certainly didn't have this issue in any of their 1st party games)

There's tons of examples, seriously all you need to do is google it to see how they censor things they themselves have displayed proudly in their own damn games.

Ron_Danger37d ago

There are the odd violent scenes that get censored from time to time (mainly because of laws in other countries) but the main thing they censor are the types of games where there are character models that look like children running around in underwear or nothing at all. This is the main culprit for censorship.
Whenever anyone brings up censorship in games they always talk about the minority cases (which are the violent ones) and completely gloss over the whole pedo issue which is the majority of the games that get censored. Notice how he didn’t mention that? Probably because he didn’t want to call himself out for the real issue.

isarai37d ago


Minority or not it's still very consistent and unnecessary, not to mention hypocritical. And i didn't bring up the pedo issue because i agree with that aspect of the censorship, but that's not what i'm addressing here.

chadwarden37d ago

Ah yes more 4chan rumors(tales) that were debunked