Has The Datel Blue Tool Been Delayed?

From PSP World:

"What happened to the Lite Blue Tool? Earlier in November, third-party hardware maker Datel surprised the world with news that it had finally hacked the PSP 3000. Thanks to its battery tool, homebrew fans were promised that they would have access to the PSP 3000 service mode before they knew it. Service mode should enable hackers to install custom versions of Sony firmware on the handheld, opening it up to pirate games, emulators and other applications. We say "should" because the Datel Lite Blue tool has not shipped yet.

This is particularly strange, since the company initially promised that the device would be ready by November 28. "

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clinker3604d ago

I wonder if this thing really performs as advertised, or if Datel has run into some "unforseen" issues that are preventing homebrew from being properly loaded on the PSP 3000?