Apex Legends Servers Are Still Having Problems 24 Hours After Evolution Event Launch

Apex Legends servers are still having problems more than 24 hours after the Evolution Collection Event had a somewhat shaky launch.

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Jin_Sakai36d ago

You think they’d learned by now. With every update introduces more problems and bugs than features.

Furesis36d ago

i think it's just the shitty servers. there's not much they can do but to wait for the traffic to go down slowly. i've heard they have some kind of contract with one of the server providers that should come to an end in a year or so, but i don't know how true that is. either way it's EA so i wouldn't be surprised if they didn't get better servers even if they had the chance.

monochromer36d ago

And sometimes dogs are brown.

huzaifakhan0435d ago

Apex Legends' servers have always had problems. What's new?