Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen in 2021

Welcome back Link Cable Gaming fans, one of the greatest (J)RPGs released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 era was Capcom's sleeper hit Dragon’s Dogma, released on May 22, 2012. While it may have felt unfinished at the time, it was later re-released as Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, an enhanced version of the original title. I never had the opportunity to fully immerse myself in this cult classic at the time but have decided to venture back due to years of recommendations from friends and my own interest in it. So how does Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen fair in 2021 on modern consoles? Find out!

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Lore619d ago

I’ll save you the time. It absolutely is

Zahiar619d ago

That's putting it mildly! but give them a chance to read it too! :D

Lore619d ago

Bitterblack Isle was an amazing expansion as well. Highly recommended

Darkborn619d ago

This was such a gem back when it released. I would honestly love them to announce a sequel to this game, not the online version that never released in the west. I want a direct sequel or just something in that universe built for only new Gen. That would be outstanding. This game. Deserved more eyes and more hype, but sadly everyone gravitated to skyrim which had more to do just messing around, but terrible combat in comparison.

Zahiar619d ago

That is exactly what I feel was the problem. Skyrim and Dark Souls had come out and completely overshadowed many games at the time, and Dragons Dogma really didn't get a chance to shine!

Zahiar619d ago

That's exactly what I heard too. I think it was a much safer bet to make DMC 5, especially with how good it turned out to be. But with that out of the way, who knows?
I genuinely think now is a great time for it, before all the crazy next gen games start flooding the new consoles.

sinspirit619d ago

You'd think with the rise of Souls games and RPG's becoming way more popular that it would have gotten this treatment, if not a sequel then a soul successor.

Lore618d ago

Rumor has it that Capcom has invested BIG money into the sequel which is in development right now

Abnor_Mal619d ago

I've been slowly playing this game for a few months now for thr first time even though I've owned it since the PS3 days, I just never got around to it until this b year on PS4.

It's a good game, and the combat is nice. I like being able to use other players pawns. The story is alright and hasn't really pulled me in as much as the battles. Taking on griffins, dragons, orges is thrilling in that thr fight tend to last a good while.

After I complete the main storyline which I'm sure I'm more than half way though, I will go back and do the bitterblack dlc. I accidently started the dlc at the beginning of thr game cause I saw the ghost girl on the pier. Went to Bitterblack and got my ass handed to me royally only to learn that area was more endgame dlc. I did end up doing some missions there later when I was leveled up more eventually.

Talking and thinking of thr game now makes me want to now go back to and complete it finally. Doesn't look like we will ever get a sequel as it's been far too long and hardly a mention of thr game from Capcom.

Zahiar619d ago

I hope with the Netflix show, they're still in talks to discuss the possibility of a sequel.
With new advancements in the industry, maybe a Dragon's Dogma 2 will get it's time to really shine!
Bitterblack also slapped me down hard ahah, I had to go back way after just to try it lol

Darkborn619d ago

I hope so too. I made sure to watch it even though it was OK, and liked it on Netflix. I really hope they greenlight a sequel. The director said he had a choice of dragons dogma 2 and DMC 5 and that's what he chose years ago. Who know what his options are now.

Abnor_Mal619d ago

Did not know there was a Netflix show until now, thanks, will have to look for it and check it out.

anast619d ago (Edited 619d ago )

I remember battling throughout the night and then the sun started rising (in game). I thought to myself, "yeah, this is a good game."

CrimsonWing69619d ago

I really enjoyed this game. I platinumed Dark Arisen and actually had a lot of fun doing so.

Zahiar619d ago

You actually platinumed it?
Honestly like that in itself is impressive. Is a genuinely massive game lol. What was your class?
Magick Archer here ahah

CrimsonWing69618d ago

I just stuck with Archer and followed a trophy guide. It’s really not that bad. It does take a little time investment and farming kills on the Ur Dragon. The Dark Arisen wasn’t that bad to tackle either.

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