Battlefield 2042 Delayed to Nov. 19, 2021

DICE has announced that Battlefield 2042's new release date is November 19, 2021.

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Jin_Sakai38d ago

At least it’s just a month. Still sucks though.

VerminSC38d ago

Yeah! My birthday is oct21st and my brothers is Halloween day and we were super excited to play some Birthday Battlfield! Haha oh well

onisama38d ago

Saw this by chance 🤣 my birthday is 21st too

RaidenBlack37d ago

HBD to both of ye, in advance.

VerminSC37d ago

Onisama. Happy birthday! … in 35 days

Teflon0238d ago

Yeah really was looking forward to it in Oct, but Nov 19th isn't bad

Plagasx38d ago

"It's just a month" lol... it's probably going to be delayed again.

thorstein38d ago

"[Insert Game] delayed until..."

Translation: Our salespeople and CEO have no idea how long it takes to make a game. They throw out release dates after ignoring devs statements that the work can't be done in that time.

gamer937d ago

I'd agree if we had seen some more recent gameplay and they had unveiled hazard zone. The fact that the only gameplay (outside of their 10 second operator vids), is some technical test and is months old, I've sort of lost faith. WAS that months old? Is Hazard zone going to be released next year or what? That's their big new ftp mode to go against cod warzone. Ya, totally lost confidence not because of the 1 month delay but because they've shown next to ZERO fresh gameplay and the game is now supposed to be 2 months out. Time to add extra polish to the game? Ya right. More like, hazard zone is half done, and our main game is nowhere near release.

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RaidenBlack38d ago

So the rumors were true.
So Beta in October ?

LordoftheCritics38d ago

Nah Nov 19 is the real beta.

Just like the majority of games lately.

RPGer38d ago

Very sad to be the norm aside from tens of GB patchs, but true.

Good-Smurf38d ago

Many online shooters today are like that they always came out rushed and felt like it still in Beta.
Most of them won't leave Beta stage almost a year after the game's released.
Very few online shooters got it right at launch.

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excaliburps38d ago

Most likely later this month or sometime in October. I hope beta is good. I want a proper BF game this time without Attrition and that awful MMG+prone meta BFV had.

aaronaton38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

It needs delaying for longer by the looks and sound of things.
The weather destruction apparently is more of a nuisance than a spectacle, and has cost millions in man hours to develop.
The game also caters for noobs and casuals far too much, with fast floaty vehicle physics, next to no recoil weaponry and really intrusive hit marker sfx.
Theyre also struggling massively with balancing with over 90% of players picking the special ones.
Lastly, there have been reports of critical issues with the ps5, which only happens to be the fastest selling playstation of all time...

ActualWhiteMan38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

The Playtest I took part in was unplayable garbage (PC). Mind you I have an RTX 2080 and can run modern games on High 1440P 100-140hz. This one couldn't maintain 60fps at 1080p.

Plain and simply.... It is nowhere near a finished product.

JEECE38d ago

The weather is such a nuisance. It's just another instance of the Battlefield Devs seeming to misunderstand what makes Battlefield special. Players celebrate the dynamic moments that are created by individual players doing cool things within the confines of the game, but DICE always wants to try to force "iconic" moments. This is how we ended up with the "Levolution" pre-scripted destruction. The weather seems like it's going to be a more annoying Levolution. The fact that it's potential responsible for holding the game up makes it that much worse.

kryteris38d ago

vietnam, 2142 and bad company 2 were their best games.

JEECE37d ago


Unfortunately at the time 2142 came out I didn't have a solid PC, so I largely missed that one. My favorites are 1942 and Bad Company 2.

PhillyDillyDee37d ago

They lost me with the BFV debacle. Sad that they’re just trying to be like every other game on the market now pandering to the lowest common denominator

aaronaton37d ago

Imagine if a Battlefield 2 veteran was cryogenically frozen and awaken to play BF2042 (like in demolition man).
I think they would love the graphics but hate every other bit about the game, to the point where they would jump of the nearest tall building.

JEECE37d ago

Ironically BFV launched in a much better state than BF4.

Parasyte38d ago

Fine with me. Just make sure it works.

PapaBop38d ago

In such a packed release window, you only have one chance at leaving a good impression, fingers crossed they deliver. I'd love a return to form for Battlefield but I'm keeping expectations down in hope of being pleasantly surprised. EA have a long history of releasing broken games with zero *beeps* being given for the consumer.

seanpitt2338d ago

It will be for activison…

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