Why I'll Never Grow Out of Gaming

Mike O'Mara: Gaming's been there for me my whole life - and though I'm getting older, it's not going anywhere. Here's why I'll never grow out of gaming.

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CR7JUVE189732d ago

I turn 52 today, and have been gaming since 1976. I wouldn't stop gaming even if I WANTED to, as I have a 5 year old son who loves to play video games with me or just sit between my legs and put his hands over mine on the controller as I'm playing a game. Video games are just one of many ways that my son and I connect, and I would never risk losing any sort of connection with him.

anast32d ago

There is no need to defend why you like something. This whole thing is absurd on so many levels.

chippychan32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

As a 40-something woman that still avidly plays video games of all kinds, you'd be surprised how many times I am asked to explain myself. I have found that just about everyone who doesn't have gaming in their everyday lives can't fathom why a 'grown up' would want to play video games.

But agree with you that its is absurd to have to explain or defend your hobby choices.

CrimsonWing6932d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Oh trust me, I work in a corporate environment where none of the people in my office have interests in videogames. They actually think it’s a joke I’m into them, but whatever, I’ll fly my gamer flag. I’m not embarrassed of the hobby and as games just get better with stories and visuals, I’m never going to stop, either.

anast32d ago

I agree there is this phenomenon where kicking a ball through a goal is adult behavior, but using a controller to do it is a childish one. It only takes a minute, if the people are not insanely dense, to figure out how objectively stupid this line of reasoning actually is. In fact, if they took a moment, they would probably be embarrassed.

People that ask things like that do not know what it means to be "grown-up" and quite possibly have never considered that the "Sun does not orbit the Earth". This actually goes for a huge portion of the world that would rather fight wars and demean someone for being happy (the bulk of human "grown-ups") than share with one another, which is what they were all taught to do when they were children, but still refuse to do so.