The Halo Infinite XP boosters are already here

Halo Infinite is still months away, but it's never too early to collect double XP codes, apparently

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LordoftheCritics33d ago

Can we get it on some healthy food as well. I see Kellog's mentioned. Please be on the Kellogg's Protein cereal.

Outlawzz32d ago

Halo and healthy go together like lamb and tuna fish !

traumadisaster31d ago

Lamb locks on tuna fish is a thing- culture.

NoFanBoy32d ago

You think Kelloggs sh1t is healthy.

DarthMarvin32d ago

FYI sugar isn't healthy, even if Kellogg's says it is.

chiefJohn11732d ago (Edited 32d ago )

I want dew and dorito's dammit

Magog32d ago

Glad to see Microsoft still have their priorities in order. MTCs haven't been delayed at least even if co-op was.

TheDoomedGuy32d ago


Funny how they can plan and develop an MTXs strategy but can't do a full halo release.

Lightning7732d ago

They've been doing XP boosters in Halo for over 10 years now. Nothing new or out of the ordinary like Geoff Keighle's infamous sponsorship. Regardless, it take allot less time to implement XP boosts than making a fully engaging campaign with Co-op.

Two different worlds.

SpeedDemon31d ago

They can't even do that right, remember they distributed these xp codes with a Monster Energy drink promo around when they originally planned to release the game before pushing it back months.

chiefJohn11732d ago

What do you know, you don't even play Halo

Chocoburger32d ago

Just more junk food in order to gain more junk XP in a game that doesn't need it in the first place. I'd like to see some better food options for gaming promotions at least once.

chiefJohn11732d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Meanwhile his user name is chocoburger 😆
Change it to veggieburger than you can talk eating healthy kid.

Aphelion8231d ago (Edited 31d ago )

What has veggie burger got to do with his name?? Choco is a reference to Chocobos from Final Fantasy. Chocobo foods are a joke among FF fans like KFC standing for Kentucky Fried Chocobos. Get a hint before responding.

TheDoomedGuy31d ago

If only veggie burgers were actually healthy.
Not a single good healthy diet plan includes veggie burgers.

chiefJohn11731d ago

The point flew over they head lol. Burgers aren't healthy. Yet he talking healthy with the name chocoburger lol

DarthMarvin32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Why can't they partner with producers of food that don't turn people in to disgustingly fat slobs? Put the XP boosters in bundles of cerlery instead.

Magog31d ago

The kind of people lazy enough to buy an xp booster are the same people who eat lazy junk food.

TheDoomedGuy31d ago

Doesn't have to be as plain and stereotypical as celery.

They could do it on apples, cauliflower, green beans, mushrooms, etc. Lots of healthy choices outside of celery....not to mention celery is mainly eaten with those dips that aren't healthy at all.

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