Xbox Returns to Tokyo Game Show 2021

Tokyo Game Show remains one of the world’s biggest celebrations of video games and culture, bringing together fans from around the world to enjoy the latest and greatest in gaming.

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Magog33d ago

They also said don't expect any new game footage. Why even go then?

NeoGamer23233d ago

At least they are showing up. Even if they don't have anything new, I think it is important for the big players to support there community events.

TylerID33d ago

Show up just to go to the toilet.

Viking_mo33d ago

Show up for what? These guys aren't showing anything new. Ive never seen a company so confused on what to do

33d ago
autobotdan33d ago

If they don't have anything big to show stay home. This is coming from a xbox fan/xbox series x owner. I want to be excited for 2022. Bring back mistwalker jrpgs

Lightning7733d ago

It's clear E3 they unloaded everything now they're just treading water. They shouldn't attend if they have no new announcements. MS needs to save time and resources for shows they planning on showing stuff at.

lelo2play33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Microsoft only like one game show during the year, and that's E3.
Rest of the game shows they might even show up, but they aren't really present.

Viking_mo33d ago

Dont get your hopes up. They aren't announcing anything new or debuts. Its basically Gamescon. They're will be there for the sake of it.

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