Half-Life 2: Episode Two delayed AGAIN

Get the hankies ready folks - Half-Life 2: Episode Two has been delayed. Again. It was originally expected to be released this summer - a delay from a previously announced early 2007 date - but it's now due this winter.

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Sashy5719d ago

That freaking sucks ...

PS360PCROCKS5719d ago

what the hell Valve? Now this game is just REALLY frickin old, it's now what a year late...why bother, just make a new half life game for both systems

THWIP5719d ago

If you're not a PC gamer, like myself, it's ALL new....and Portal is BRAND NEW.

This is actually good, IMO, as this summer was already getting too crowded (and the REAL reason I suspect it's "delayed"); too much competition, means less sales, usually.

I'm already locked into buying:

-Two Worlds
-Forza 2
-Blue Dragon
-Oblivion: Shivering Isles Expansion (30 + hours of gaming)
-Guitar Hero 2
-Brother's in Arms: HH
-Assassin's Creed
-Mass Effect
-Halo 3

....all by the end of this year. Spreading them out is the only I'll be able to manage buying that many. :/

THAMMER15719d ago

I have to agree with twip.

MoonDust5719d ago

What up!! This is already overdue! What is up with all the delays!

Captain Tuttle5719d ago

Gordon Freeman=Duke Nuke'em

Covenant5719d ago Thwip noted, it gives us a little more financial flexibility for the next few months. My only request from Valve: If you're going to delay it, make sure it ROCKS. As long as the game kicks serious booty when released, I'm willing to wait a little longer. Another delay, tho, might end up alienating gamers further.

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The story is too old to be commented.