Expectations low as Sony confirms Thursday launch for PlayStation Home

It has been an awfully long time coming, but the open beta for Sony's Home, a real-time online community specially created for its PlayStation 3 (PS3) user base, will be officially launched by the Japanese electronics giant this coming Thursday.

However, while PlayStation 3 owners are likely thrilled at the prospect of finally creating personal avatars and populating the much talked about and much delayed virtual world, Sony has said it doesn't expect Home to tempt many prospective hardware buyers as Christmas looms.

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tako20003651d ago

That's true, Home is more like application for PS3.

What really drive people to buy console is b/c game and acceptable price. Sadly with economic recess hit hard on Sony, price cut doesn't seem possible for holiday season.

FreestyleBarnacle3651d ago

That's funny. A shop here in the UK is selling the system with LBP, Motorstorm 2 & Resistance 2 free in the package. That theoretically drops the price by about £100 vs savvy online shopping and these are not throwaway games either.

Ghoul3651d ago

"UK is selling the system with LBP, Motorstorm 2 & Resistance 2"

i think you misunderstood something there couse you can have ONE of those games bundled with a system. These are the 3 current bundles by sony.

Jamie Foxx3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

that HAD to hurt

Capt CHAOS3651d ago

Big deal.. I can get an arcade 360 for 99.97 AND add a HD IF and when I need it for 45 quid, if it's not cheaper by the time I decide to get it.

His point still stands, the price needs to be lower, instead of Home, I want Sony reducing the price and adding more IN-GAME online gaming features (parties for one)

FreestyleBarnacle3651d ago

I can buy sausages for a pound in Sainsburys and if I decide to eat them at a later date I can buy a frying pan for a fiver.
If there is a big sign in the shop which says save £117 on a broduct which looks to be only two and a half times your discount people love to go broke saving money. Who wants a PS3 for what is effectively £170?

Ghoul3651d ago

cheers for the link

i stand corrected.

move along, as usual you try to make trouble instead of actually discussing or contributing anything.

beavis4play3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

just a thought, remember. and makes as much sense as what you're proposing. it could be viewed as MS taking the desperate route by going with the price cut. think about it. with the Wii clobbering the 360 (and ps3); and, it's lead over the ps3 only due to the year head start (take that year away and there is no lead).....MS is feeling the heat and are going the desperation route of toshibas failed HDDVD by going with the price reduction (to 199$) to try and boost their sales and slow the ps3 down. without this cut, 360 sales would have continued to stagnate. sony doesn't seem desperate to me. if they were; then, a price cut right now would be exactly what they would do.
well, that price cut for the 360 will only work for so long - sony has been selling better at this point in time than the 360 did at that same time in its lifecycle. and, what happens when the ps3 is reduced to even 279-299$? sony has much more room to maneuver (at this point in time)than the 360 because of price. i wouldn't think sony would consider a price cut no earlier than their next big title releases.(KZ2) since RE5 comes out 2 weeks after KZ, this is a possible price cut opportunity. but, maybe they wait for fall with uncharted 2, new ratchet, GOW# releases get close.

who knows how it all plays out; but, you (and many others) are using price drop as a gauge of over-all success. and that isn't necessarily the case.

morganfell3651d ago

Where does it actually quote Sony saying "Expectations are low." Am I the only on that sees this article for the negative trash that it is?

Where does Sony say it won't tempt gamers when Sony has discussed that very appeal before?

beavis4play3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

too many people are becoming reactionary to the hour by hour articles on this site that are coming from everyone BUT sony.
everything i've seen from sony doesn't show panic, desperation, or low expectaions. sony, in fact, is the only console maker committed to a 10 year life cycle.

so how is it they're the desperate ones? very laughable.

so who's disagreeing and why? i'm willing to add much more detail to my above ideas.(if response comes in next half hour.....i'm leaving after that and won't reply till later)

The Killer3651d ago

they killed the hype from delaying it too much!!

but it will be still cool to have, and HOME users will love it!

Kaneda3651d ago

Don't forget to upgrade wifi for your arcade version xbox.. :)

Death3651d ago

This is the 4th Holiday season the Xbox 360 has been available. It retails for $100 less than it launched for in 2005. If anything Micrsoft took too long to drop the price. To say they dropped it out of desperation is about as far from the truth as you can get. Both the Xbox 360 and PS3 will be lowered over time as production costs come down. The key is to wait as long as possible so you can maintain a profit threashold as the retail price comes down. After 2 years Sony hasa cut their losses significantly, but they haven't reduced them enough to be able to lower the retail price without losing too much money on each unit sold. This is why they released the Uncharted bundle for $100 more this holiday.


beavis4play3651d ago

good points death. i own a ps3 and like it a lot, but i'll never play the fanboy just out of loyalty to a my counterpoints are just for discussion.
first, if ms didn't feel the urgent need (desperation)to curb sonys growing sales (and boost their own slowing sales).......why did MS come up with a cheaper arcade version? if, under your idea, production costs for the 360 have reduced; why then, isn't ALL OF THE VERSIONS OF THE 360 199$?also, if costs get cheaper over time, wouldn't "xbox live" be free now? (sony is not only offering PSN, but also "home" for FREE) why isn't MS offering HDDs at prices and in sizes comparable to what a consumer pays from the rest of the open market? no, your "costs are cheaper" model doesn't hold up. if you look at the months before the price drop, sony (at a much higher price even then) was selling more or as many units as the cheaper 360. MS had no choice but to drop the price in time for the holiday season. and, as i said's working. he11, what do you think the reason is for the Wii selling so well since its launch?.....PRICE. MS knew they had to use something to try and hold onto the #2 spot. so they dropped the price. (and i think a very good move, even if desperate) my point with the sony side of things: sony is doing good now when you consider the much higher price point. they will need to drop the price eventually. and what's this nonsense about sony needing to recoup losses. in business, it's not just about that. it's about a plan. sony has the most reliable hardware with more features than the other 2 systems. it has a HDD that game devs can take advantage of. online and home are free. PLUS, blu ray is getting more popular and with HD tvs being a top 3 most popular gift this xmas.......more people are gonna watch HD movies in the future. by the time MS is forced to launch (and absorb losses on) a new system, the ps3 will be putting out games like are being released this year and next on a REGULAR BASIS. and then it'll be cheap. much cheaper than the new xbox which will have a super small install base.(next to ps3)
no, death, sony is far from desperate; selling well enough now, and with a plan that allows them to be patient and wait. time however, is not on MS side. biggest problems are still questionable hardware, expiring 3 yr. repair plan, and dvd9 space issues. to mention nothing of their pitiful attempt at getting people to embrace DD over HD disc movies.
sorry death, but MS is running out of time. when sony decides to drop the price, MS will then be forced to launch a new system......just like what happened with the xbox1 to 360 change.
glad you replied. i like having to think a little on this site.

Death3649d ago

The Arcade SKU isn't something new. It is t he Core SKU that launched back in 2005 with the 20 gig Pro. Production costs have decreased over time. The latest numbers I seen were $178 to build an Arcade console. The 60 gig Pro costs more obviously since it comes with the HDD and high-def cables. I'm not sure what the cost on the Pro is, but you can bet it's a little more than the Arcade which is why it has a higher retail price. The PS3 at this point in time is still being sold at a loss or very close to the break even point at best. The new Uncharted bundle at $499 is probably closer to reality as far as build to retail ratio's go.

Micrsoft had to drop the price for the Holiday? It wasn't Sony's sales that prompted the price cut in September. It was slower sales then what Microsoft wanted combined with decreases in production costs that prompted the move. If the Xbox 360 was selling much higher at the time, then I am sure they would have waited since making more profit per console sold is always nice. There is a balance between sales rates and profit. When sales are low, a manufacturer can lower the retail price to stimulate sales. It's a sliding scale. After three years on the market the system is now $100 less than launch. The other thing you need to look at is sales volume. The Holiday shopping season is the time console manufacturers sell the bulk of their units. Cutting the price prior to the Holidays increases those sales much more than a price cut after the Holidays when sales are at their lowest. This is an interesting read:

As for Blu-Ray. It's been over 2 years and Blu-Ray has not been a factor in this console generation yet. I honestly believe Sony needed Blu-Ray in the PS3 to win the high def format war, but it has also hurt the PS3's sales and profit margin by forcing the console to launch much higher than it should have. Most likely Blu-Ray will keep the PS3 around longer than if it didn't have it, but at the same time it has cost Sony market share with it's higher price and the delay it caused before launch.

Digital Downloads will expolde this coming year when broadcasts all go digital. Cable companies are about to change the way we all watch tv and you will see 1080p downloads occur in real time or atleast very close to it. The delay due to bandwidth restrictions won't be around much longer when we start getting our tv shows streamed to us when we want them instead of everything being available at once. It will be very cool.


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SeanScythe3651d ago

Stop being a tightwad and get the a ps3. I swap people spend 300+ on a cell phone or ipod and then b!tch and moan about the PS3 being $399.
Lets see my iphone can connect to the internet, play Sh!tty games, allow me to talk to people, view movies and photos is low resolution. $300+

My PS3 allows me to do all of that plus watch HD movies, voice chat, play online free with friends, play some of the best games on the market, and much more. $399

People will spend money no matter the cost, you get more bang for your buck with a PS3. I love mine, I play it every night after work.

candystop3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

It's to high period so get over yourself and that rotten theory of yours. I need a phone not and PS3 so for some it's much more important then then blowing that kind of money.

3651d ago
ultimolu3651d ago

I agree.

People can spend so much on a freakin' phone and the latest sneakers but oh noes...the PS3 is too expensive.

Lombax3651d ago

I fear you have missed the point entirely.

Garbage3651d ago

But why would you get the biggest overhyped console? Don't get it...

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Dragunov3651d ago

Very true, have another bubble just in case :)

TheMART3651d ago

See the Sony Defense Force in acting reporting this story as lame.

It doesn't fit your expectations so make it lame? That's lame!

Pennywise3651d ago

The title is lame Mart and so is your constant trolling.

Oner3651d ago

Hey Mart why haven't you admitted you where wrong about Home? I thought you said it was "vaporware"

Ooohhh I know are nothing but a biased, uninformed fan of 1 console. Thus not a real gamer!

TheMART3651d ago

The title is the same as the original articles title pennywise, so thats according N4G rules. You can't report just what you don't like.

@ Oner

It still is. It would have come fall 2007. And it should have more options. Ready to get facked by Sony paying for your Diesel jeans and paying to be in a 'club' for online gaming?

Oner3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

I see you still can't admit you were wrong and still have the incorrect meaning of the word "vaporware". Everyone knows you and your "site" is a is 100% obvious you are biased and your comments have no value. You can give all the excuses you want but the fact is you cater to only 1 console not all that are available that offer different gaming experiences.

Pennywise3651d ago

You dont know what vaporware is, Mart. Must be nice living in your bubble.

This article is lame, title or not.

BigKev453651d ago

Sounds like someone is going to be Home-less come Thursday.

ultimolu3651d ago

Guys...when has Mart ever admitted he's wrong?

xboxrumble3651d ago

themart "See the Sony Defense Force in acting reporting this story as lame. "

pennywise "The title is lame Mart and so is your constant trolling."

themart "The title is the same as the original articles title
,so thats according N4G rules. "

pennywise "This article is lame, title or not."

trolls always like to point fingers..

Jdoki3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

@4.3 Mart

Vaporware is something that is announced but never launches. Home is out tomorrow... So, not vaporware.

Lacking features is not the same as vaporware - and what are these 'more options' you talk about anyway?

I suppose MS will always make sure Avatar clothing is free eh?

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BigKev453651d ago

I wonder if you can take a chick home from from the virtual club and her bring back to your virtual apartment in Home.

TheMART3651d ago

Yes you actually can. But then you'll find out its actually a guy when he suddenly changes the avatar in a dirty old man

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