Capcom nearly cancelled Street Fighter HD over art

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix developer Backbone and redrawn art overseers Udon were "worried" that Capcom might cancel the game during the early part of its troubled development, lead designer David Sirlin has revealed.

Speaking to in the second part of a mammoth post-mortem interview, due to be published later this week, Sirlin suggested that Capcom continued to support the project because of pressure from the "world of gaming".

SSF2THDR, which is out on Xbox LIVE Arcade now (it's still to appear on the PlayStation Store in Europe), suffered a high profile delay earlier in the year when redrawn art based on Udon source material was thrown out of the window and work began with a new set of artists.

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austere3600d ago

The first new art they put out looked a lot better. I was disappointed when they changed it. Still, it's Street Fighter in HD so there isn't much to complain about. The original HD art was just more detailed tho.

3600d ago
austere3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Ya i think it was something like that and why they had to tone it down. Hence my disappointment.

Think I found the original Ken art.

awww looked so good with all the shadows and stuff. But the new art is still gorgeous anyway.

gambare3600d ago

I thought I was the only one who noticed the downgrade of the art, the first art was high res and high quality but it was downgraded in order to "fit" to the XBL limit sizes, but after that the XBL size was increased and it should be a problem solved, but then what? they downgraded the rest, it was a disappoint, and I wonder what was their excuse to do that? the new draws looks like low res art upscaled and it looks awful at 1080p.

SIX3600d ago

absolutely right. i personally know the guys that did the sprites. in fact, check out the end art for vega. i did those. nobody wanted it so stepped in. sometimes you gotta take one for the team right.

Bladestar3600d ago

"in order to "fit" to the XBL limit sizes" you had to throw that in there? hah!

You obviously didn't get the reason why they downgraded...

"We were worried and Udon was worried, too. Actually Udon had a lot of foresight I guess. They were the ones that said, 'it's going to take this long and cost this much"..

read the article... Believe it or not... not everything is about space... but who knows... maybe it's about cost... which explains why not all PS3 exclusive games are using 50GB blu-ray discs... and why Resistance 2 graphics are no where near Kill Zone 2.

here is another quote that you obviously did not read from the article:

"Without going into the nitty-gritty of it, the art they were producing just wasn't up to par or schedule of what we needed. To be honest, a lot of their art was looking pretty good, but just not 'good enough'. It just wouldn't satisfy the quality bar that both Capcom and Street Fighter fans demand. Once Udon and Capcom agreed to go with that route, we had to essentially reboot the whole art pipeline. The character art pretty much started over from scratch with new reference art from Udon."

So, no... not art.. previous... or current was downgraded do to xbox live restrictions... but developers take under consideration time and cost when making the games...

gambare3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

"but after that the XBL size was increased and it should be a problem solved"

they did it:

"Street Fighter 2 HD Remix Gets XBL Beta, New Art; XBLA File Size Limit Not a Concern"

they made a new art since the old limit of the XBL was 368 MB but it was increased to solve this problem, but it seems that Capcom kept the "new" art. But that's an old story and the new art sucks in comparison of the old art.

and yes, I read the whole article but you didn't read my full post, I said it was the "FIRST" problem but it was solved WITH THE INCREASE OF THE SIZE LIMIT OF THE XBL DOWNLOAD.

N4Flamers3600d ago

I didnt like the old art and I didnt like the new art. I love udon and they have great artists, I didnt like the concept of this game. They just made sf2 look better. Thats why I think all the art looked underwhelming because they had to fit the parameters of the original street fighter 2. What they should have done is have a whole new street fighter 2 drawn by udon. It would have been awesome to have a game that looks as good as one of their comics.

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Simon_Brezhnev3600d ago

what capcom need to make is Marvel vs Capcom 2 HD instead of dis

Daver3600d ago

i agree that game is way better

riksweeney3600d ago

I imagine if they did redo MVSC2 in HD they'd still leave Morrigan with her crappy sprite.

SketchCA3600d ago

That would be f-ing great. I would sell your first born for that to happen!

farhsa20083600d ago

what a shame that would have made my day!

likeaboss3023600d ago

I liked the old art but the current art is ok. What I would have liked is if they added more frames to smooth out the animation. I realize that would require the game to be rebalanced and relearned but they pretty much did that anyways with remix mode.

rajman3600d ago

Would Capcom hurry the fudge up and release it in Europe! I mean WTF! Why are we still waiting?

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