God Of War Ragnarok's Most Fascinating Mystery Is Tyr

The most recent God of War Ragnarok trailer finally gave us a look at Tyr, which tells us a lot about where the story might go.

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GaboonViper40d ago

The fact he still has both hands in the trailer must mean that somewhere during the game Fenrir the wolf has to bite off one of them if they stay true to Norse myth.

Nitrowolf240d ago

I noticed in the poster he’s holding one of his hand with the other. Foreshadowing I can only assume

itBourne40d ago

Was interested in reading the article... Then realized why I stopped clicking on gaming journalists when they go all political mode and how awful people are for having a different viewpoint then them...

Inverno40d ago

What a completely pointless mini rant just to talk shite about people being upset over the inaccurate depictions of Norse mythology character and the exaggerated hate of fat Thor. You think you're going in for an interesting read and instead you get another whiney journalist smh