God Hand, the clear choice for greatest game of all-time

If you've never explored God Hand, a PS2 gem from Shinji Mikami and Clover, settle in for this 15th anniversary retrospective.

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blackblades32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Loved the game back in the day. If anyone didnt know platinum games was that clover studios team well some of them.

SinisterMister31d ago

This game was a breath of fresh air man. Loved everything about it.

bouzebbal30d ago

Haha keep these articles coming.. this game was a breath of fresh air

Venox200830d ago

One of my favourite games..still playing time to time

Deathdeliverer30d ago

I’ve always wanted to play this

Futureshark30d ago

Ripe for a remaster too.

Z50130d ago

Play Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise instead.

NukeDaHippies30d ago

It's not a bad game but God Hand and Lost paradise a totally different kinds of games.

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