PlayStation Plus Double Discounts promotion comes to PlayStation Store

New promo brings savings across a multitude of games, with PlayStation Plus members receiving double the discount.

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PhillyDillyDee13d ago

How often do they run discounts on their first-party games?

UltraNova12d ago

*on very old 1st party games

I'm still waiting for a discount on Returnal.

Ron_Danger12d ago


Put Returnal on your wishlist (the heart icon next to the price in the ps5 store) and then just check your wishlist each week. It’ll say there if Returnal is on discount that week.

Eonjay12d ago

Yeah, both Sony and Microsoft are good at first party discounts. Nintendo is the exact opposite.

Vengeance113812d ago

Returnal had a discount few weeks back at 29% off

pietro121212d ago

Returnal just went on sale two weeks ago

Profchaos12d ago

For newer games I'd say once every two months. Older first party games like the order almost never

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Luc2013d ago

Metro exodus with free Ps5 upgrade for £8 in the UK! Bought it straight away 😃

Muigi12d ago

They didn’t fix the god awful movement speed.

badz14912d ago

The Metro Redux games on PS4 had the 2 modes that change your character movement. Spartan and Survival modes. Metro Exodus doesn't have those?

REDGUM12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Both of the expansions are dirt cheap too. Adds masses of playtime content. Well worth it.

And to Ron_Danger, thank you, I had no idea that system worked like that.

Profchaos12d ago

Great game I brought the gold edition the Sam's story DLC was worth it for $20 and upgraded for free.

Elda12d ago

The same usual stuff that's always on sale.

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Traecy12d ago

Agreed. I see games on that list that are always on sale as well especially the AC games,Horizons ZD among others.

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SegaSaturn66912d ago

Finally cracked and bought dissidia.

Profchaos12d ago

I guess if you ever want a Ubisoft game you simply have to wait 1 week they out their entire range in sale so frequently it's a joke. I've not seen a PSN sale to date over the last year without assassin's Creed Valhalla or WD legion.

I wanted to buy far cry 6 guess I just need to wait two weeks and get it at 25% off