Switch update out now (version 13.0.0) - Bluetooth audio support and more

Nintendo has issued a new 13.0.0 system firmware update for Switch, which includes support for Bluetooth audio and more.

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Jin_Sakai13d ago

Finally. Nintendo are so slow with adding features. Especially ones that should’ve been there day one.

Eonjay13d ago

Wow. That was 4 whole years.

Kosic13d ago

I remember when Nintendo stated they don't want media apps on the switch because everyone owns another device that can play Netflix etc.

I don't think Nintendo really know how to read their player base. The slow release of Bluetooth audio shows this.

PhillyDillyDee13d ago

While I mostly agree with you, I would go a step further and say Nintendo doesnt actually care. They, more than sony or m$, have been making anti-consumer moves like limited time digital releases and locking game features behind physical object paywalls…

That said… I still have a switch and play it more than anything else I own.

Kosic12d ago

@phillydillydee I completely agree. The whole limited run of an emulated set of games was a slap in the face. Nintendo are such a large successful company they don't need to do these moves.
I have a switch, I barely play it. I hacked it, got it server locked.

My respect for Nintendo hasn't been as strong in recent years. They just do to many anti consumer things.

ProLogY13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Wait a software update? It had the hardware the entire time to do this? Nintendo just.. blows my mind sometimes in how they operate.

meganick13d ago

I thought the same thing. I had no idea this could be added with a firmware update.

porkChop13d ago

The Joycons connect through Bluetooth. Every modern console has the hardware to support Bluetooth audio, but none of them do. The Switch is now the only one that does.

PhillyDillyDee13d ago

Playing devils advocate here:

What if people only really hounded nintendo for the feature because of its portable capabilities.

GoodGuy0913d ago

It uses the bt for controllers lol.

CDbiggen12d ago

I know right, I had just accepted it wasn't capable of this. My Xperia 1 phone can't do hotspot and Bluetooth headphones at the same time so I just figured it was something like that.

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Ninte13d ago

Omg! The internet is going to go crazy now lol

Doge13d ago

Took them long enough Jesus Chirst.

CDbiggen12d ago

Nice, that is very welcome. It wasn't a big deal carrying a 3.5 cable with me, but it's now one less thing.

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