Tales of Arise Lord Dohalim Boss Fight Guide

The Tales of Arise Lord Dohalim Boss Fight is another unique challenge you have to take on throughout your time with the game.

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Stopac43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Wow thanks for that spoiler what the hell, it hasn't even been a week.

"____rd lord boss fight" or "______ realm's boss fight" What were you thinking?

luckytrouble43d ago

Seriously articles like this need to be failed. It's like when RDR2 came out and within the week there were just dozens of approved guide articles spoiling every unique side quest in the game plastering the main article list on here. I feel lucky that I just got past this part literally less than two hours ago so that I couldn't be exposed to another spoiler on N4G, the site that needs one hell of an article approval method revision. Half these sites can just approve their own articles entirely at this point.

phoenixwing43d ago

Yeah not happy about the spoiler. I guess I'm going to stop visiting n4g till I finish arise

antikbaka43d ago

emmm... you need a guide to beat somebody in this game? Like the only thing you need - enough of gels